With Hercules DJ’s DJControl Mix 2-channel DJ controller, you can throw down an incredible set at any time and in any location. The DJControl Mix is the ultimate in tiny DJ performance controllers, with a form factor that easily slips into a backpack or messenger bag. It’s designed to effortlessly interface with your iOS and Android devices over Bluetooth.

Hercules has released a new portable controller that is designed to be used with smartphones and other mobile devices. The new DJControl Mix is designed specifically for use with Algoriddim’s popular djay program for iOS and Android devices, with mobility and small size as its primary features. The DJCOntrol Mix, which can be powered by USB or by built-in batteries, has two small jogs, a crossfader, two volume knobs for each channel, four performance pads for Hot Cues and triggering samples, transport controls for play, pause, and cue, and a pitch fader to regulate the tempo of your tracks. 

The DJControl Mix connects to your computer wirelessly through Bluetooth, allowing you to immediately connect and begin mixing. There is a connection included to divide the signal if you want to use headphones to mix with the music.

Music can be downloaded from the smartphone’s internal storage or streamed from any of the streaming services supported by djay, including SoundCloud Go, Beatport LINK, TIDAL, and other services. It also comes with a smartphone stand, which allows you to view what you’re doing on the screen without having to turn your head.

The DJControl Mix will cost you £89 and will be available to you starting on January 28th, 2022. More information can be found on the Hercules website, or by watching the video below.