As the one-year anniversary of the passing of i o (actual name Garret Falls Lockheart) approaches, No Mana has embarked on a journey to recreate the historic B2B set that fans and industry professionals alike were fortunate enough to watch at the parliamentARTCAR from EDC Las Vegas 2019. The terrible death of i o at the age of 30 left a huge void in the community, but also served as yet another reminder of how brief life can be, and how we should make the most of every opportunity we are given.

In order to leave a lasting legacy within the dance community, i_o set out with the explicit goal of breaking down barriers. In addition to being well-known for spanning genres such as techno and progressive, the producer was also well-liked by his peers and would go on to make his own stamp on the techno scene and beyond. The people who were close to i o have been left with limitless memories of their closest friend after a year without him, with No Mana delivering the most fitting homage to him through his perspective on a set that was bound to go down in history. No Mana went on to tell the following account about what happened that day in further detail;

“Summer of 2019. It’s 12:55am and I’m at edc las vegas about to drink on the job with G at the parliament art car. It happens to be so windy that the kinetic field had to close. We were that crowd’s next option as we were literally right next to it. This is the most people I’ve ever imagined at an art car. Without having said a word, I signal him for a cigarette. I’m not a smoker but I sarcastically do this every show with him so he knows the drill. Enter second stage of our routine: rock paper scissors. I lose to him for the hundredth time in a row. Now that our totally non-plur, bad-vibes intro has finished we start actually doing the thing. I work the faders while he stands on the DJ tables. He works the faders while I spill 3 beers within 10 minutes (sorry Sian). The whole hour was such a vibe that besides almost losing my socks and sandals from dancing the only words said between us during the set was “holy shit” and “hey play your track move so I can drop my dumb daft punk bootleg right after”; the rest was horseplay and kandii trading. No words can describe how fun this set was for us, the best I can do is say what happened. rest in peace you idiot. No tears only techno now.”

No Mana has taken every single memory from their historic show and, in turn, has been able to reproduce the most captivating of tributes to the best of his skills, demonstrating a true bond of friendship between the two. Check out the classic i_o B2B No Mana set, which can be found below.

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