Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin are teaming up with Pokemon Go developer Niantic to create an augmented reality music game that will allow artists to monetise a virtual world environment through fan experiences.

And, given that the year is 2021, this suggests that the game will also serve as a venue for fans to gather NFTs by attending concerts and visiting real-world places.

It has been announced that Zimmerman and Hawtin will be collaborating together in a new gaming venture called PIXELYNX, and that their ambitious first project will make use of Niantic’s Lightship Platform and the Augmented Reality Developer Kit in order to create the aforementioned augmented reality music game. There is no name for the game yet, but a short teaser video including some gameplay has been released to YouTube. The video emphasizes a shooting feature that appears to be the game’s central gameplay element.

There is a possibility that shooting specific objects during live concerts will result in a selection of NFTs for fans to collect, and the developers at PIXELYNX expect to further leverage the NFT portion of their game by including opportunities for musicians to monetise NFTs for their live experiences in the game in the future.

The CEO and co-founder of PIXELYNX, Inder Phull, explained how the company’s goal has always been to create a music metaverse in a press release. “As we look towards launching our platform in 2022, the development of a mobile app that allows fans to collect new songs and NFTs in the real world has always been a part of our vision.”

There are little specifics available about how the NFTs you earn in-game will be linked to your crypto wallet, but given that Phull has stated that the game will launch in 2022, it is likely that more information will become available shortly.

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