Midnight Mondays Sept 11 — Ian Sndrz, Velle, Lhudwig and Khim Custodio

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In the music industry, which is often dictated by commercial pressures, Midnight Mondays is a breath of fresh air. It is a platform for DJs and artists to showcase their true sound, free from the constraints of commercialism. This allows them to break free from the norm and express their individuality.

For a night, commercial pressures take a back seat, allowing artists to showcase their true sound. It’s a haven for artistic expression, where individuality shines bright.

Breaking the Monday blues, “Midnight Mondays” is here to shake things up. Get ready for September 11th that’s about to sizzle at URBN Makati. This weekly event is strategically crafted to maintain the vibe all week long. Guided by the dynamic Midnight Rebels team, you’re in for an unending flow of exceptional moments.

A notable aspect of “Midnight Mondays” is its dedication to establishing an all-encompassing stage that welcomes artists from various skill levels and musical genres. Accomplished and emerging DJs, hailing from a range of music backgrounds and groups, are warmly embraced to present their skills. This diverse inclusion not only imparts a distinct and varied quality to the event but also mirrors the multifaceted character of Makati’s music landscape.


The sixth edition of Midnight Mondays will be a night for DJs and producers to express their love of music without any restrictions. The lineup features a diverse range of talent, from up-and-coming artists to seasoned DJs. Expect to hear unexpected sets and a lot of excitement as the artists play the music they truly enjoy.



Ian Sndrz, a renowned Filipino DJ and producer, will be making his first appearance at Midnight Mondays. He is fresh from his performance at Ultra Europe over the summer and is currently on his 15th anniversary tour of the nightlife industry. He will be stopping over at Midnight Mondays as part of his tour. There is no doubt that Ian Sndrz is one of the best DJs in the Philippines. He has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Awit Award 2023, which is one of the Philippines’ highest music award. He is known for his eclectic mix of music and his energetic performances. Ian Sndrz’s appearance at Midnight Mondays is a major coup for the event. Proof to the growing popularity of the event and the high caliber of talent that it attracts. If you are a fan of EDM, then you should not miss Ian Sndrz’s performance at Midnight Mondays. Ian Sndrz | Spotify


Khim Custodio, an open-format DJ and a mainstay of Midnight Rebels, an active LGBT party powerhouse, will be joining us on Midnight Mondays. He possesses undeniable crowd-reading skills, playing genre-bending beats that move people of all ages. His repertoire includes genres such as moombahton, bubble gum pop, house, and hip-hop. He’s gearing up to make a statement: as long as he can get people moving on the dance floor, life is good. READ ALSO: How I Lost My Gig When Someone Offered to Play for Free


MC Fizz, a rising MC with a promising vocal presence on the dance floor, possesses the remarkable talent to harmonize with the crowd and groove alongside them. While he may be relatively new to the scene, Midnight Mondays provide him with the perfect platform to truly unveil his potential in the fiercely competitive industry. Teaming up with his long-time partner, DJ Lhudwig, they both excel in delivering an exceptional performance.

The lineup also includes artists from the Midnight Rebels crew, such as BSTRDPRNCE, Velle, MC Spidey, and Zaiten.

“Midnight Mondays” is poised to redefine Monday nights in Makati. With its ethos of inclusion, artistic liberation, and unparalleled experiences, this event series is set to become a staple for industry professionals, music aficionados, and anyone seeking a lively start to their week. Whether you’re a DJ looking to unveil your unique sound or an individual craving an unforgettable night, “Midnight Mondays” at URBN Makati promises to be a playground for creativity and connection.


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