Midnight Mondays Aug 21 — fr:(wn, MIAOW, Curse & Bless and Arpee Ong

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In the music industry, which is often dictated by commercial pressures, Midnight Mondays is a breath of fresh air. It is a platform for DJs and artists to showcase their true sound, free from the constraints of commercialism. This allows them to break free from the norm and express their individuality.

For a night, commercial pressures take a back seat, allowing artists to showcase their true sound. It’s a haven for artistic expression, where individuality shines bright.

Breaking the Monday blues, “Midnight Mondays” is here to shake things up. Get ready for an August 21st that’s about to sizzle at URBN Makati. This weekly event is strategically crafted to maintain the vibe all week long. Guided by the dynamic Midnight Rebels team, you’re in for an unending flow of exceptional moments.

A notable aspect of “Midnight Mondays” is its dedication to establishing an all-encompassing stage that welcomes artists from various skill levels and musical genres. Accomplished and emerging DJs, hailing from a range of music backgrounds and groups, are warmly embraced to present their skills. This diverse inclusion not only imparts a distinct and varied quality to the event but also mirrors the multifaceted character of Makati’s music landscape.


The third edition of Midnight Mondays will feature a lineup of DJs and producers who will be playing heavy bass music, including trap, midtempo, dubstep, and anything else that is bass-heavy. They will be free from the need to please the crowd or play requested songs, but then that’s up to them if they want to. This night is all about the artists and their shared passion for music. Be on the lookout for unexpected sets from experienced DJs who will add to the excitement.

miaow - midnight rebels


MIAOW, a talented DJ and producer, possesses a unique talent for taking songs and skillfully transforming them to construct a coherent flow that seamlessly complements her DJ performances. Through this ability, she effectively mesmerizes the dance floor with each transition, ensuring the energy remains vibrant and the audience remains in motion. What’s not widely recognized is that MIAOW stands as one of the most industrious professional DJs in the nation. She excels not only in music production but also in creating her own visual artworks and adapting her skills to different gig scenarios and diverse audiences. Her positive demeanor and preparedness to deliver captivating midtempo sets shine through, and she’s all set to bring this enthusiasm to her performance next Monday. By the way, make sure to give her latest single a listen on Miaow | Spotify


DJ and producer fr:(wn, a mainstay in the underground music scene, has consistently demonstrated his dedication to the development and refinement of his craft. Based in Hong Kong, he has a deep affinity for dark and industrial music, and his artistry has made a significant impact on the industry. He began his success by curating events and delivering impressive DJ sets for “gRave,” a collaboration with Paniki Collective. Currently, Fr:(wn is in the Philippines, where he is captivating audiences with his dynamic DJ sets that span the hardcore underground hip hop and rock scene with his enigmatic sets of midtempo and heavy bass infused tunes. Be sure to check out his latest single as Ada Meniv, together with Nighterror. Blacked Out – by Nighterror Rx, Ada Meniv | Spotify


Arpee Ong, an artist with a background as a member of a metal band, has meticulously prepared a set encompassing the genres of dubstep, trap, and drum and bass. He plans to incorporate skillful transitions between tracks, ensuring they remain engaging without overwhelming the audience. Arpee also aims to infuse a touch of a festival vibe into his performance, striking a balance that avoids alienating the familiar URBN regulars. Given his musical versatility, Arpee adeptly navigates the challenge of pleasing the crowd while staying authentic to his artistic craft. TonkpilS PH | Facebook

The lineup also includes artists from the Midnight Rebels crew, such as Curse & Bless, MC Spidey, and Zaiten.

“Midnight Mondays” is poised to redefine Monday nights in Makati. With its ethos of inclusion, artistic liberation, and unparalleled experiences, this event series is set to become a staple for industry professionals, music aficionados, and anyone seeking a lively start to their week. Whether you’re a DJ looking to unveil your unique sound or an individual craving an unforgettable night, “Midnight Mondays” at URBN Makati promises to be a playground for creativity and connection.


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