Midnight Mondays Aug 14 — Francis B, TZN, Jerome Abaloyan and MC Spidey

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In an industry often dictated by popular demand, “Midnight Mondays” breaks the mold. It gives DJs and artists a chance to break free from the norm.

For a night, commercial pressures take a back seat, allowing artists to showcase their true sound. It’s a haven for artistic expression, where individuality shines bright.

Breaking the Monday blues, “Midnight Mondays” is here to shake things up. Get ready for an August 14th that’s about to sizzle at URBN Makati. This weekly event is strategically crafted to maintain the vibe all week long. Guided by the dynamic Midnight Rebels team, you’re in for an unending flow of exceptional moments.

One of the standout features of “Midnight Mondays” is its commitment to creating an inclusive platform for artists of all calibers and genres. Seasoned and new DJs, representing diverse music styles and collectives, are welcomed with open arms to showcase their talents. This diversity not only adds an eclectic edge to the event but also reflects the multifaceted nature of Makati’s music scene.


The second installment of Midnight Mondays features a lineup of young talents eager to unleash their music, free from the constraints of catering to popular demands and suffocating song requests. This night is dedicated to the artists, united by a shared goal. Keep an eye out for unexpected sets from seasoned DJs adding to the excitement.

TZN is excited to play techno music, even though certain places or bars in his vicinity might not always permit techno tunes, preferring mainstream music instead. This situation piques his interest, as exposure to genres like industrial techno, hard techno, deeptech, and others is not common when he hangs out with friends. These genres are less prevalent than mainstream music, which makes him eager to share his affinity for unique musical styles with others. Through this, he hopes to offer a novel and exceptional auditory journey.

Francis B. loves to play EDM, house, and top 40 hits. He loves the energy and excitement of these genres, and he always strives to bring the house down on gig nights.When blending these genres, Francis takes the crowd’s reaction into account. If he starts with a house track and the crowd isn’t feeling it, he’ll switch to a top 40 song. He always makes sure to test out the music that he wants the crowd to listen to, but he’s also willing to adapt to what they want.Francis believes that the best DJs are able to read the crowd and respond accordingly. He’s always looking for ways to keep the party going, and he’s not afraid to experiment with different genres.

Jerome Abaloyan is an open format DJ, with Hiphop being his primary forte. He effortlessly blends top-chart rap tracks with the kind of music that resonates on somber days. Catch him on an episode of the Rebel Broadcast show. Jerome Abaloyan possesses a keen sense of the crowd and a deep understanding of the right tunes to set the dance floor ablaze.

Meet the Graphic Artist: Earl, also known as “Cut The Line,” is a versatile creative who works in filmmaking, photography, videography, and directing. He started out as a graphic designer, teaching himself how to use Adobe tools like Photoshop online. He then worked as a graphic designer at Imprint Customs, where he designed for a variety of mediums, including ACDMNDS.Earl then moved on to URCC and PNP Graphics, before finally landing at urbn. At urbn, he has found a creative haven where he can nurture his ideas and seamlessly integrate his artistic vision into his work. He is inspired by artists like Hella Solid and Titus Film, who share his creative ethos.

“Midnight Mondays” is poised to redefine Monday nights in Makati. With its ethos of inclusion, artistic liberation, and unparalleled experiences, this event series is set to become a staple for industry professionals, music aficionados, and anyone seeking a lively start to their week. Whether you’re a DJ looking to unveil your unique sound or an individual craving an unforgettable night, “Midnight Mondays” at URBN Makati promises to be a playground for creativity and connection.


DJ | Music Producer | Multi- Instrumentalist | Midnight Rebels CFO


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