Is EDM Dead in the Philippines? Marxx And Alwyn Cruz Shakes Up the Nightlife

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From backseat to the spotlight, EDM in the Philippines gears up for a roaring comeback, targeting Gen Z hearts and dancefloors nationwide.

In recent years, the EDM scene in the Philippines has experienced a decline in popularity within the nightlife industry. The go-to music for partygoers and DJs shifted from EDM to Top 40 hits and whatever was trending on platforms like TikTok. However, with the resurgence of local festivals like Hydro Music Festival in Manila and Summerfrolic down the south, there is hope for a comeback. EDM is not dead; it has simply taken a backseat, waiting for the right moment to reclaim its glory. DJs and artists are now actively working towards reintroducing EDM to a fresh audience, particularly targeting the Gen Z market.

The EDM scene in the Philippines was once incredibly vibrant, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie among enthusiasts that led to the formation of various rave squads and communities within the genre. These groups brought together like-minded individuals who shared a passion for electronic music, creating spaces where they could connect, celebrate, and immerse themselves in the pulsating beats and euphoric atmosphere that EDM provided. These rave squads became more than just social circles; they represented a sense of belonging and an expression of their shared love for the music that brought them together.

Reviving the Festival Vibes

With their minds set on reviving the festival atmosphere within the confines of clubs, renowned DJ Marxx and his partner in crime Alwyn Cruz have been tirelessly working on an innovative concept known as TRAPPED: ENTER THE CHAOS this coming June 30th at House Manila. This event is a nostalgic nod to the golden era of festival-type beats that used to captivate ravers at CHAOS Manila, a legendary venue known for its electrifying nights that resembled outdoor festivals. Hosting internationally acclaimed acts like GTA and Boombox Cartel, as well as being revered by local artists such as Jet Boado, Supmerman, and Ron Poe, CHAOS Manila left an indelible mark on the scene. Now, Marxx and Alwyn Cruz aim to recreate that exhilarating experience and infuse it into the tightly-knit club environment.

Incorporating Diverse Sounds and Talents

One of the driving forces behind the resurgence of EDM in the country is the emergence of talented artists and DJs who are pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds. Artists like Strodano, known for their remixes of popular Tagalog tracks, have been instrumental in bridging the gap between mainstream music and EDM. Additionally, artists like Ian Sndrz and Katsy Lee, who have represented the Philippines in international music festivals and record pools, are bringing global recognition to the local EDM scene.

The Lineup

The lineup for “TRAPPED: ENTER THE CHAOS” showcases a diverse mix of DJs and artists who are set to electrify the crowd with their performances. The organizers deliberately handpicked individuals who possess a distinct style and sound, urging them to break away from the conventional Top 40 hits. The featured artists include SEDANO x STRØ, Siangyoo, Razikyle Enciso, Louie Guarina, Renz Elma, Kobeast, and Ella Garcia. Each artist will bring their unique flavor of EDM, creating an unforgettable night for partygoers.

IS EDM DEAD - Midnight Rebels

Looking Towards the Future

While the frequency of events like “TRAPPED: ENTER THE CHAOS” remains uncertain, the organizers are optimistic about the potential for more EDM-centric events in the future. If successful, there is a possibility of making it a recurring affair or even expanding to a weekly or monthly basis. This revival of EDM in the nightlife industry signals a shift in preferences and a desire for fresh, unique experiences among partygoers.

EDM may have temporarily taken a backseat in the Philippine nightlife scene, but it is far from dead. With the efforts of passionate DJs, artists, and event organizers, the genre is making a comeback, targeting a new generation of music lovers. “TRAPPED: ENTER THE CHAOS” at House Manila on June 30, 2023, represents a step towards reintroducing EDM with a festival-like atmosphere. As the music cycle continues, EDM will undoubtedly regain its prominence in the Philippine nightlife industry, delivering exhilarating beats and unforgettable experiences for all.

Both Alwyn Cruz and Marxx express their gratitude towards House Manila for providing them with the platform to resurrect the spirit of the bygone era and bring it to life for a new generation of partygoers to embrace and enjoy. They also extend their heartfelt appreciation to their media partners for their unwavering belief and support in this venture.


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