A Call to the Misfits: Enter the Unhallowed Sanctuary of gRave 2.0

On the eve of May 25, prepare to descend into the depths of sonic oblivion as the enigmatic Paniki Collective unveils the second iteration of their haunting event: gRave. Step cautiously into the foreboding embrace of Apotheka, nestled in the heart of the macabre Poblacion, Makati. Brace yourself for an immersive experience that delves into the shadows, where darkness reigns and the unconventional lurks.

Paniki Collective, cloaked in an aura of mystery, embraces an unapologetic. They seek to forge an unholy alliance between the arts and music, summoning forth a distinctive DIY culture within a community steeped in shadow. With gRave, they defy the prevailing order, tearing apart the illusion of inclusivity and casting open the gates to those daring enough to traverse the path less traveled.

Paniki gRave - Midnight Rebels

In this realm of desolation, Paniki Collective holds steadfast to their grim creed: music and art shall be the birthright of all, for they transcend the boundaries of mortality. With resolute determination, they ignite a flame that consumes the conventions of the Philippine music scene, obliterating the chains that bind the destitute masses. gRave emerges as an unholy sacrament, offering an elixir of sonic salvation to those forsaken by the constraints of wealth.

Paniki gRave - Midnight Rebels

The first gRave event, held in Paper Lantern in QC, whispered an ominous prophecy. It beckoned the disenchanted souls, shunned by exorbitant entry fees, to embrace their infernal desires. Within the hallowed halls of that sanctuary, they reveled in the forbidden pleasures of a live show, their spirits unfettered by the shackles of opulence.

Now, gRave 2.0 emerges from the depths, its nefarious allure growing stronger. Apotheka, an unhallowed temple of transgression, becomes the crucible for a symphony of sonic darkness. The lineup, a congregation of the damned, promises to unleash a maelstrom of chilling performances and unhinged DJ sets.

Paniki gRave - Midnight Rebels

Prepare to be ensnared by the siren’s call of Gre! b2b rockstargumdrop, Nighterror, and Pure Mind Quiet Heart, their melodies clawing at the recesses of your tormented soul. Each performance casts a bewitching spell, drawing you further into the embrace of eternal darkness.

But the seduction does not end there. The DJ sets by Chain Messages b2b k1ko, obesedogma777 b2b TallBibi, ///slitwrist, fr:(wn, John Odin, Showtime Official Club, and DJ Love invoke a frenzy of malefic beats. Feel the relentless pulse of hard techno reverberate through your bones, succumb to the dance of the damned known as budots, and immerse yourself in the harrowing echoes of EBM (electronic body music) and the pernicious allure of dark clubbing. gRave 2.0 offers an unhinged journey into the abyss, where normality withers and the aberrant reigns supreme.

Writer’s note: Less darkness muna, lapit na akong ma succumb ni Lilith

In a harmonious gathering that transcends conventions, individuals from diverse backgrounds unite under the banner of gRave 2.0. Embracing the spirit of inclusivity, millennial titos and titas, enigmatic internet personalities, and newcomers to the alternative scene blend together, weaving a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences and musical exploration.

Driven by a collective vision, Paniki Collective seeks to ignite a creative revolution, inspiring a community of artists and enthusiasts to forge their own paths despite the challenges they face. With a passion for nurturing talent and fostering a DIY ethos, they aspire to create a vibrant scene where creativity flourishes, transforming the bleak into something beautiful. Through their collaborative efforts and shared artistic expressions, Paniki Collective aims to cultivate a sense of belonging for the misfits and free spirits among us.

gRave 2.0 transcends the conventional notions of a typical gathering. It becomes a transformative journey, a pilgrimage of self-discovery where music serves as the guiding light. It symbolizes the resilience of marginalized voices and offers a poignant reflection on a society that often prioritizes material pursuits. Paniki Collective’s captivating symphony beckons those who may feel lost, forgotten, or disenchanted, providing a sanctuary where they can find solace and connection.

As gRave 2.0 draws near, anticipation fills the air. The enchanting venue of Apotheka sets the stage, emanating an inviting atmosphere that invites exploration and shared experiences. Through the collective bravery of attendees who dare to embrace the unconventional, the boundaries of what is possible are shattered. Their unwavering pursuit of authenticity and a desire to embrace the unfamiliar create an atmosphere of camaraderie and celebration.

Paniki gRave - Midnight Rebels

gRave 2.0 represents more than a music event; it is an invitation to embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and connection. Paniki Collective extends an open invitation to those seeking to celebrate the beauty of diversity, to venture beyond the ordinary, and to immerse themselves in the extraordinary world of gRave 2.0.

Step forth, intrepid seeker of the esoteric and the unorthodox. Allow the pulsating rhythms and haunting melodies to guide you through this mesmerizing labyrinth of sound. Embrace the transformative power of gRave 2.0, where boundaries dissolve and the unconventional reigns supreme. Let your spirit soar amidst the maddening discordant, and discover the true essence of your own shadowed existence.

Paniki Collective’s gRave 2.0 beckons, casting its irresistible spell upon those who yearn for a musical revolution steeped in darkness. Will you heed the call? Will you succumb to the intoxicating allure of the macabre? The choice is yours. Enter, if you dare, and join the unholy communion that awaits within the depths of gRave 2.0.

Photos: Henrico Drueco Samuel Samuel Riesolai
Event poster: EJ Laurente


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