Manila Community Radio wins Boiler Room Broadcast Lab, to showcase Budots on April 29th

Boiler Room, the iconic music broadcasting platform, is set to return to the Philippines for the first time since May 2017, when it held an event at Black Market. This time, the platform is bringing its winners from the Broadcast Lab to showcase the work of Manila Community Radio, and to celebrate Filipino club culture on April 29, 2023.

Poster by Nash Cruz & Sasha Magallona

Entry is free, but RSVP is essential, so make sure to visit to secure your spot.

The Broadcast Lab is a Boiler Room initiative that seeks to encourage community, artistic practice, and innovation. The winning application is awarded £7,500 to bring the project to life. Boiler Room also provides additional in-kind support and a release on its channels.

Manila Community Radio - Midnight Rebels
The winners of the first Broadcast Lab commission of the year is Manila Community Radio‘s Jeepney – Boiler Room

This year’s winner is Manila Community Radio’s Jeepney project, which explores aesthetic maximalism in Filipino club culture. Inspired by the country’s iconic public utility vehicles, the project aims to showcase Budots, a hyperlocal grassroots genre that takes cues from early 00s dance music, combined with indigenous sounds like Badjao beats from Davao in the Southern Philippines.

dismantle and reimagine Western notions of what an electronic music event looks and feels like by offering an alternative listening experience

Boiler Room / Manila Community Radio

To our understanding, Manila Community Radio’s Jeepney project is looking to disrupt and redefine the current status quo in electronic music events, which are largely dominated by Western perspectives and aesthetics. By foregrounding Budots, a hyperlocal grassroots genre, and native sounds of the Philippines, the project aims to offer an alternative listening experience that challenges the Western notions of what an electronic music event should look and feel like.

The typical Western view of electronic music events is often associated with loud music, flashy lights, and high-energy performances, among other things. The Jeepney project seeks to reimagine this view by offering an alternative perspective that is rooted in Filipino culture and tradition. It aims to dismantle this Western notion by showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of Budots and native sounds, and by creating an experience that is different from what is commonly associated with electronic music events.

The goal of the Jeepney project is to present an alternative listening experience that celebrates Filipino club culture and promotes a more diverse and inclusive electronic music scene that goes beyond the traditional Western perspective.

Boiler Room’s return to the Philippines is a testament to the country’s vibrant music scene, and the platform’s commitment to supporting local talent and fostering creative expression. The event promises to be a celebration of Filipino club culture and an opportunity for emerging talents and stalwarts in the scene to showcase their skills and unique sounds.

With a stacked line-up that includes DJ Love, Libya Montes, Teya Logos, Showtime Official Club, obese.dogma777, Pikunin, T33G33, and Hideki Ito, the event is set to be a showcase of aesthetic maximalism in Filipino club culture.

In sum, Boiler Room’s initiative to showcase Manila Community Radio’s Jeepney project and celebrate Filipino club culture is a commendable effort. By supporting local talents and reimagining Western notions of electronic music events, they are not only providing a platform for emerging artists but also giving voice to the rich musical heritage and culture of the Philippines. The stacked billing for the event is a testament to the diversity and talent in the local music scene, making it an event not to be missed. Overall, this is a great opportunity to experience the unique sounds and aesthetic maximalism of Filipino club culture.

Read more about Boiler Room’s Broadcast Lab here:


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