Netflix to Boiler Room: Budots Continues to Take the World by Storm

The electronic music genre dubbed “budots” has been creating ripples and causing commotion not only within the boundaries of the Philippines but also on a global scale. The music genre’s distinct sound, which has been painstakingly produced by talented Filipino DJs, has been gaining widespread acknowledgment and admiration worldwide. This recognition has been fueled even more in part by the inclusion of budots in the commercially successful and widely viewed film “Nocebo” on Netflix and its electrifying performance on the esteemed Boiler Room stage.

The Nocebo film, which featured clips of children and adults alike dancing to budots in various settings, provided a glimpse into the vibrant bisaya culture and showcased the genre’s potential as a global phenomenon. The budots track featured in the film, a collaboration between DJs Ericnem and Sherwin Calumpang Tuna (also known as DJ Love) with vocals from Ericnem’s wife, further solidified the genre’s position in the film and electronic dance music spectrum.

DJ LIBYA / DJ LOVE by Ricardo Yan

DJ Love’s recent performance at the Boiler Room event on April 29th only served to heighten the excitement surrounding budots. The DJ’s set was met with overwhelming praise on social media, with fans and fellow musicians alike hailing his success as a major milestone for Filipino music and entertainment. Some even suggested that DJ Love should be considered a national artist in the Philippines, given his significant contributions to the industry. Watch some clips here

However, as with any emerging genre, the rise of budots has not been without its critics. Some have pointed out that the recent success of the genre has caused a shift in the industry, with previously skeptical fans now claiming to have always loved budots. Nonetheless, DJ Love’s influence and impact on the music scene cannot be denied, and his contributions to dance music will undoubtedly be remembered for years to come.

Despite the naysayers who disparage the budots genre, a friend of ours and a music enthusiast with a broad understanding of various cultures, Mike Champion, a massive fan of DJ Love, maintains a deep admiration for the latter’s extensive musical ingenuity, prompting us to seek his thoughts on the global triumph of the Filipino-produced sound.

Budotz like any other sub genre ng electronic music, has its own fan base talaga like a cult or subculture. Same as drum n bass or even dubstep, may certain market talaga sya and really accessible sa area on which it was solidify, Camus St. in Davao City, Wala naman kasing outlet ng ibang music or genre sa lugar nila, so kung anu meron, they make the most out of it and solidify and make it progress, in their case, from barrio basketball court parties to Boiler Room levels na. If detroit has techno, Chicago has Garage, New York has Disco and UK has Drum n Bass, I can proudly say Pinas has Budotz.

And one more thing, if anyone calls budotz stupid or jeje, lacks the musical knowledge. This dude, Dj Love, samples Do Wop music by the Rivingstons, and even and chops and samples current hits and infused it with the budotz flavor.

Mike Champion

In a world where electronic dance music continues to grow in popularity and diversity, budots represents a refreshing and unique addition to the genre. Its distinct sound and rich cultural roots have captured the attention of fans worldwide, and its inclusion in high-profile events such as Boiler Room serves as a testament to its growing global recognition. As the genre continues to evolve and expand, it is clear that budots is not just a passing trend, but rather a significant and enduring contribution to the world of electronic music.

Di ko napigilan ang luha ko lalo na napasaya ko silang lahat. Sobrang nagpapa salamat ako sa lahat po. Thank you lord. Wala na akong mahinge. Binigay muna lahat about pangarap ko sa music industry. Im done. Nagawa kuna lahat. Sa mga nag sisimula dyan it takes time mga brad. Almost 20 yrs kung hinintay to.. It takes time pero sulit. Do more what you love. Pag gusto, KAYA YAN ALWAYS.. PAGTRABAHOAN MO LANG. . .

DJ Love

In English: I couldn’t hold back my tears, especially since I was able to bring happiness to everyone. I am extremely grateful to everyone. Thank you, Lord. I have nothing else to ask for. I have given everything for my dream in the music industry. I am done. I have accomplished everything. To those who are just starting out, it takes time, my friends. It took me almost 20 years to get here. It takes time, but it’s worth it. Do more of what you love. If you want it, you can always achieve it. Just work hard for it.

DJ Love’s message is truly inspiring as he expressed his gratitude for being able to achieve his dream in the music industry. He acknowledged that it took him almost 20 years to get to where he is now, but it was all worth it. He encouraged aspiring musicians to do more of what they love and to work hard for their dreams, as he did. His words remind us that success does not come overnight and that perseverance, determination, and hard work are essential in achieving our goals. DJ Love’s story is a testament to the power of passion and dedication, and it serves as a source of inspiration for those who are still on their journey towards realizing their dreams.


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