DJ Love Takes Budots to the Global Stage in Boiler Room’s Broadcast Lab

Sherwin Calumpang Tuna, or DJ Love as he is widely known, has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the music scene in the Philippines. He is a man who has dedicated his life to the creation and promotion of Budots dance and sound, a genre that has become a cultural phenomenon and a symbol of Filipino identity and pride.

DJ Love, Budots - Midnight Rebels
DJ Love circa 2005

DJ Love’s journey began in Barangay Camus, Davao City, where he founded the Camusboyz dance group in 2004. From there, he went on to become a pioneer of the Budots sound, which blends techno and electronica music with traditional Filipino music. Over the years, DJ Love has pushed the boundaries of the Budots sound, creating a style that is uniquely his own.

His remarkable talent and hard work have earned him a spot on Boiler Room’s Broadcast Lab showcase, an event that seeks to encourage community, artistic practice, and innovation. DJ Love’s inclusion in the program is a testament to his incredible dedication to his craft and his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of the Budots sound.

Fun fact: Sherwin has been doing “Boiler Room” for a long time, and he told us that during his livestream alone, it does get hot and he gets really sweaty in his room. Literally, a boiler room. XD

I had a chance to speak with Sherwin in Bisaya about the profound impact he had during the pandemic, a time when the global music industry was reeling from the effects of the crisis. I was curious to know how he felt about the fact that Budots, which was once looked down upon by many, including the “sosyal” and DJs within the industry, is now being appreciated and celebrated by an ever-growing number of people.

uu.. mga sosyal naman gani to kaau akong mga viewers sa pandemic live .. sayaw man gani og budots pati mga dj na hate nila budots karun ni ok na sila…wala sila mabuhat kay pati ilang lolo lola anak manayaw naman og budots

DJ Love

English: Yes, even upper-class viewers who watched my livestream during the pandemic ended up dancing, as did DJs who despised budots. They have no choice; even their grandparents and children ended up dancing to budots.

I expressed to Sherwin that his contributions during the pandemic were truly remarkable, as he uplifted the spirits of countless individuals, particularly those within the music industry who were struggling to cope with the effects of the crisis. His positive energy and unwavering spirit served as a beacon of hope, reminding everyone that life goes on and that we will ultimately overcome the challenges we face. In response, he shared with me a touching story about a COVID patient who found strength and solace in his enjoyable videos, highlighting the immense impact that his work has had on people’s lives.

naa koy naka storya…nag message dyud sya sa akoa nagpasalamat kay ge oxygen na sya kay naigo covid .. simula naka kita sya sa akong live na gi tan-aw sa iyang anak nabuhayan dyud sya og luob.. dako kaau sya og pasalamt..hantud karun naga react comment gihapon sya naga kamusta..

DJ Love

English: I spoke with a covid patient; ever since his child showed him my livestream, he has found the strength to continue even as he struggles to breathe with the assistance of oxygen… He expressed his deep appreciation for my work and expressed his gratitude for the hope and joy it brought him during a difficult time, and he continues to watch my videos to this day.

The Budots dance has a rich history that dates back to the late 90s and early 2000s when it first gained popularity in the dance clubs of Davao City. Today, the dance has transcended borders and become a global phenomenon, with people around the world embracing its infectious beat and energetic moves.

But the Budots dance is more than just a fun dance craze. It has become a tool for social and political commentary, embraced by various social and political movements in the Philippines as a means of expressing their message and conveying their plight. Through the Budots dance, the voices of marginalized communities can be heard, making it a powerful medium for change.

In a world where the power of music to bring people together has never been more apparent, Boiler Room’s Broadcast Lab showcase is an exciting opportunity for DJ Love to showcase his incredible talent and the unique Budots sound to a global audience. DJ Love’s appearance for the showcase will undoubtedly embody the values of community, artistic practice, and innovation that the event seeks to encourage, making him a worthy representative of Budots and the Philippines.

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