From Chaos Comes Creativity: DJ Chrischaos Brings a Fresh Sound to Manila

Chris Salcedo or better known as DJ Chrischaos is one of the most electrifying DJs in the Philippines. He has the ability to read the crowd and create sets that are not easily forgotten. Starting out as a mobile DJ, he eventually made his way into the club scene with the support of his close friend, DJ Rodney Martinez of Switch. This was the beginning of his journey to the very top of the industry. Martinez instructed him in the ins and outs of the industry, including etiquette in nightclubs and how to carry out oneself in the DJ booth.

Chrischaos earned a name for himself in the industry by putting in a lot of time and being committed to his work. He now performs at some of the most prestigious clubs in Manila as well as at festivals and events all over the country. One of his most important skills is the ability to craft a setlist or playlist that takes the audience on a journey. He does this by thoughtfully selecting tracks that complement each other and subsequently mixing and blending them together without breaking the flow of the music.

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When Chris takes the stage, he becomes more than just a DJ – he’s a purveyor of deep, infectious dance grooves and a master at creating a feel-good atmosphere that’s impossible to resist. His musical tastes are as diverse as they are deep, and he’s not afraid to dive into the depths of his collection to find tracks that resonate with him on a personal level. In fact, music is his own form of therapy, and the emotional connection he feels to each track is palpable in every set he performs.

Growing up, Chris was exposed to an eclectic combination of funk music and European electronica by his father, which eventually became infused with his own love for house and hip-hop. This diverse mix of influences translates to his performances today, where he expertly picks apart and reassembles his tracks to create a seamless blend of ethereal backdrops, brooding basslines, and occasional vocal hooks, all atop a pronounced foot-shuffling house beat.

In a world where many DJs stick to the same formulaic sets and familiar beats, Chris stands out as a true innovator, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the industry. His recent performances are a testament to his creativity, as he breaks down and reassembles all of the work to create a set that’s entirely unique and unforgettable.

Chrischaos is well-known not only for his technical abilities, but also for his use of effects, which enable him to keep the crowd engaged and entertained throughout his sets. In order to stay one step ahead of the competition, he draws motivation from a wide variety of sources. These sources include DJ record pools such as Crate Connect, BPM Supreme, Heavy Hits, DMP, DMS, DJCity, and Club Killers. These record pools give him access to new tracks, exclusive remixes, and other important resources.

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Chrischaos At URBN QC – TheManBehind

Chrischaos is a DJ who has achieved a lot of success but has managed to maintain his humility and dedication to his craft. He encourages aspiring DJs to put in a lot of effort, maintain their focus, and learn proper DJ booth etiquette. He stresses the significance of using headphones at all times, as well as remaining true to oneself and developing an original sound that accurately reflects one’s sense of style and personality.

The greatest satisfaction for Chris comes from being able to pass on his love of music to others while also witnessing their pleasure in listening to it. He has performed for audiences of all sizes and traveled all over the country, giving people in audiences all over the world experiences that they will never forget. 

But for Chris, each event is a chance to connect with the audience and make the experience something truly magical for those who attend. He thinks that music can bring people of all ages, genders, and social classes together, and it is always his goal to make the audience feel like one big group to which they all belong.

All in all, DJing is not just about pressing play on a few tracks. It requires dedication, hard work, and a deep passion for music. DJs like Chrischaos are the driving force behind the industry, bringing people together through music and creating unforgettable moments that last a lifetime.

Chrischaos’s success is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a genuine love for music. His ability to read the crowd and create unforgettable sets has earned him a loyal fanbase and a place among the most talented DJs in the country.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out; the possibilities are endless, and anyone can make their mark in the world of DJing with the right mindset and work ethic. So turn up the volume, let the music move you, and let’s keep the party going with the electrifying sounds of DJ Chrischaos!


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