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Creators Ph is more than just a multimedia production house. It is a collective of industry veterans who have earned their stripes in the nightlife media scene, and who share a common vision of collaboration and community-building. Founded in 2019, Creators Ph has rapidly emerged as a go-to destination for businesses seeking high-quality visual content, thanks to their diverse team of experts who excel in various disciplines of media and production.

But Creators Ph is not content with merely producing outstanding work for their clients. They are equally invested in nurturing the talent and potential of other creatives in the Philippines, and in fostering an environment where effective teamwork is rewarded and recognized. This philosophy has earned them the trust and respect of many businesses and consumers alike, who appreciate the collective’s ability to curate experiences that captivate and resonate.

The team at Creators Ph comprises a broad mix of artists from different regions of the country, each with their own unique perspective and skill set. Their expertise ranges from graphic design and photography to videography and production design, and they collaborate seamlessly to produce content that is both captivating and lucrative. Through their advocacy and dedication to community-building, Creators Ph has become a shining example of what can be achieved when talent, passion, and collaboration come together in service of a shared vision.

Creators Ph has played a pivotal role in shaping the brand identities of various businesses, engaging prospective consumers, and retaining the attention of their audiences. Employing a combination of striking photographs and videos, the multimedia production house has facilitated the development of trust between brands and their respective target audiences, ultimately bolstering the companies’ authority in their respective industries. As content marketing continues to reign supreme in the advertising world, Creators Ph’s approach of providing value-added information to consumers represents a refreshing departure from the traditional, overtly persuasive methods employed by their competitors.

In a candid interview, Jayzee, one of the esteemed founders of Creators Ph, shed light on the integral role of effective team dynamics in crafting visually stunning content. Furthermore, he delved into the fascinating backstory of Creators Ph, narrating the genesis of the collective and its journey to success.

How did you all get started, given that many of you had backgrounds in the nightlife industry but are now working in full-fledged multimedia production?

In 2019, Creators PH was established with the intention of generating further opportunities for other creatives located throughout the Philippines. We were able to give back to the growing creative community by exposing them to more projects that enabled them to build not only their portfolios and/or reels but also their confidence and paved the way for them to enhance their skills even further. This was made possible by the accumulated years of experience that the founders have had and the network that they have built up over the years. They have our full support as they strive to succeed in this cutthroat industry of the economy. 

You mentioned that Creators Ph is a group of photographers and videographers; would you be able to tell us who is a part of the collective and what each member’s responsibilities are? 

Jayzee Cezar: Creative Director  
Jeff Talita: Logistics director/ Cinematographer  
Ashley Yee: Director/Director of photography  
Allan Luna: Photographer/Director of photography  
Mike Arcega: Video Editor/Sound Engineer 

Before coming together to join Creators Ph, each member of the team had already been working in the nightlife business for many years and had known each other for a very long time. A fun fact about us is that we have all worked in the media profession for such a long time that we are able to take on the responsibilities of the others when necessary. 

How do you guys work together to make the most of the time that you have and the various ideas that you have in order to produce something truly remarkable? 

A comprehensive pre-production phase is performed for each and every project that is sent our way. Following a briefing with a client or a brand, we discuss as a team how to move forward with the project’s aim in order to accomplish it. Because members of our core team are dispersed around the Philippines, not everyone is able to take part in the production itself; nonetheless, we make sure to take the time to solicit each other’s perspectives and ideas for our forthcoming endeavors before moving forward. 

I believe that one of Creators Ph’s (not so) well-kept secrets in the art of making something amazing is that its members place a high importance on one another’s input and respect the unique creative approaches of each other. 

Your work has not been satisfactory to one of your clients. How do you all choose to respond to such situation? 
Through having communication that is both clear and straightforward with the client as well as with our team.  We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the circumstance, determine the areas in which we may have fallen short, and then take actionable efforts to improve or revise the project in concern. 

We place a high value on the feedback provided by each other, and we place an equally high value on the feedback provided by our clients. Our company’s goal is to be able to tell our client’s story to their audience by producing content of the highest quality, and we are definitely open to discussing and enhancing our outputs for them. The businesses and/or brands of our clients are cared for with the same degree of attention that we provide to our own. 

What would you say is Creators Ph’s most impressive project to date? And did any amazing occurrences take place behind the scenes at any point? 
Without a doubt, the United At The Palace series comes to mind. 

Because this was one of the first pre-recorded DJ events in the Philippines during the height of the pandemic, it was not just an online fundraising event, but the team’s creativity and ability to work together were also tested. 

Due to the size of this project, everyone had to wear multiple hats, film for long hours, and push themselves beyond their comfort zones in order to produce high-quality shots and angles. Despite these obstacles, our team was able to find its groove. 

Watch the BTS of United At The Palace

As a result, by the time of our final few pre-recorded concerts with The Palace Manila (before the world reopened), the team’s flow was already in unison. Everyone knew what their roles were, and pre-recorded concerts became one of our specialties. 

The team was able to participate in numerous concert productions such as Konsulta MD’s Mental Health Concert, Jameson St. Patrick’s Day, and Jameson Connects as a result of taking on the challenge of shifting the company’s creative direction in 2020. This was just one of countless opportunities that arose as a result of taking on this endeavor.


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