Manila Hypin — A Nightlife Collective Fueling the Metro’s Club Scene

In Manila, where the nightlife scene is experiencing a spectacular nightlife resurgence all over the metro, daytime employees, broken hearted ones, and those searching for fun gather for a shot of tequila and good music at night to regulate their emotions and momentarily disregard the harsh reality. There is a feeling of love in the air, and everyone is pumped up and eager to have a good time. A night out at the club isn’t complete unless you’ve had some booze, watched your pals throw up, and of course, had an MC, a DJ, and a photographer to recall your night—especially if it was initiated by the fellas of Manila Hypin!

Some say “Isn’t it just a bunch of music, alak and put your hands up?” So incorrect! One of the most widespread fallacies regarding a night in a club is the notion that the vibe, the music can be streamed and done from any location, like at home. One thing is certain: you can’t imitate the club’s reverberating sound or spotting your crush across the dance floor in your living room. A talented DJ and MC during one of your night outs could be a huge help in establishing the ideal environment, especially if you want to enjoy or mourn your breakup. A skilled DJ who knows how to gauge the crowd and an MC combo can do much more than just make introductions and shout outs like “Putang Ina!” and “1,2,3 Jump!

Enters, Manila Hypin. They consider themselves to be more of “brothers of hype” than anything else. A bunch of outstanding MCs, DJs and photographers from Manila who got together in 2013 to establish a collective.

If you’re over 30 and reading this, it’s time to create a family. Just kidding. Aside from that, the guys at Manila Hypin have most likely been around since you graduated from college and went partying for the first time. You probably didn’t noticed them, but they’re an important part of the overall experience of you enjoying your night out or raving at your local music festival. Perhaps at the Bass N’ Bacon, Hydro Music Festival, SM’s Castaway Music Festival, Chroma Music Festival, or at your college organization’s events.

In 2006, MC Boo and MC Jams made their initial connection in Malate. Jams had recently started his career as a DJ after taking some time off from his previous role as a hypeman, and MC Boo was a frequent attendee of his gigs at that time period. In the future, the two of them would go on to be the first members Manila Hypin.

Manila Hypin
MC Boo and MC Jams – Malate, 2009

After MC Boo expressed interest in being a hypeman to MC Jam, what began as a passion project for MC Boo in the form of a retail clothing line for Manila Hypin grew into a collective of nightlife titans. MC Jams was the first individual to sign up to be a member of the Manila Hypin, and MC Boo was the one who presented the concept to him in the first place. Later on, in 2012, Jams made an effort to restructure their vision, with the end goal of developing the brand into a production group that incorporates both audio and visual integrators. Because of this, Manila Hypin was able to increase the number of members it has, which now includes photographers and videographer.

“The Skillz To Pay The Billz” “Grind. Hustle. Stack
and “Taking It Back To The 90s

These are some of the selections of the merchandise that Manila Hypin has developed during the process of their nightlife activities. Due to the fact that they only released a limited quantity, it is quite difficult to acquire these unless you have a personal connection to a member of the Manila Hypin crew, in which case you could certainly inquire about them or follow them on social media for their latest drop.

During these formative years, the crew evolved into a brand, which grabbed the curiosity of the audience as a growing number of people began to wear Manila Hypin apparel and accessories. This led to an increase in the number of people who attended Manila Hypin shows. Not restricted to the club scene in the metropolitan area of Manila, but also played and captured the moments in a variety of outlets outside the city, such as music festivals and clubs in Davao, Baguio, Cebu, and the list continues.

Clubgoers who are fans of hip hop, pop, and electronic dance music have a good chance of being captivated by the Manila Hypin crew because it is a multifaceted collective that has the aptitude to do so. They have collaborated with some of the most renowned DJs in the city, such as Ron Poe and Jet Boado (SOAK X LIPAD), on a number of events that took place not only in the club but also in front of a thousand ravers during the course of their active years and continue to do so to this day. The Manila Hypin crew are typically very active and may be seen in a variety of locations; they are wide awake and are always prepared to cause mayhem during the night. You can frequently find them performing at a variety of clubs and bars throughout the metropolitan area, including URBN QC, House Manila, G-Side, Lynx, and Royal, to name just a few of the establishments.


The collective does more than just provide good music and rile up the crowd in a way that is unmatched by any other group. In addition, they have men working behind the cameras to ensure that each and every moment is recorded and will be recalled for a very long period of time. In this aspect are Jayzee Cezar, also known as “The Man Behind/Creators PH,” Regi Valenzuela, also known as “RVP,” Cyrille Ocampo “Zai Imahe” and JB Gancia, also known as “Irie Shots.” When it comes to the visual imagination, each shooter at Manila Hypin have their own own set of characteristics. As was stated earlier, Manila Hypin is a formidable presence, boasting nightlife titans that are capable of bringing the scene to the forefront of public attention.

There are many different applications for crowd control; some examples include video games and public safety, but one thing is for certain: it can also be found on the dancefloor. It takes years of experience to perfect the art of getting people dance and engaged while also getting drunk. Making sure the club owners are content and that the partygoers are having a good time are both important components of maintaining a happy crowd at the club. The same concept applies when there is a large gathering, such as a music festival: reading the crowd and ensuring that people spend their hard-earned money in a way that allows them to enjoy themselves with their friends. That is unquestionably something that can be provided by the collective, particularly with all of their resident DJs and MCs. MC Roc, DJ Kael, MC/DJ Gino, MC Khel, MC Kyxz, MC MJ Collarga, MC JL, MC Keedo, and DJ Miggy are among the members of the crew that are included on the roster. Ryan Garcia, who serves as the group’s road manager, is in charge of both the operations of the collective as well as the strategic planning for the group’s future.

When you’re in the city and you want to party, you should check out Manila Hypin’s Facebook page. If you want to make sure you have a good time along with your friends, or even if you’re just looking for a shoulder to cry on, and you want to vent over your ex cheating ass. Just remember to stay out of MC Boo’s way when he’s on stage because if he catches sight of you, he’s got the Cuervo ready to submerge you.


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