1. I notice that the event features a diverse range of electronic music genres and artists with original material? Why the variety?

We’ve always wanted to create an experience that isn’t your typical club or festival vibe for a long time. We were always focused on bass music, which encompasses a wide range of EDM subgenres such as dubstep, trap, moombahton, midtempo bass, bass house, hardstyle, psytrance, and so on. We crave the heavy thumps, hard bass, and neck-breaking headbanging that you don’t hear when a typical house anthem is played.

2. Do you believe the BASS N’ BACON event series will inspire many electronic music artists to create new music?

We hope so, as a part of the event, we will be waving various types of electronic music. We see BNB as a platform for upcoming electronic artists, giving them a chance to show what they’re capable of. Because we live in a society where music is constantly evolving and being made, adapting is unavoidable if you want to cater to many people and be successful.

3. What is the significance of the name BASS N’ BACON?

We’re all about the vibrations and vibes. The bass or low-end frequency resonates better than the high and mid frequencies, and you’ll be able to feel it even next door when you’re out dancing or talking. To be more specific, low frequency wave lengths travel further than their counterpart, whereas high frequency wave lengths are more easily absorbed by the molecules in the air. Bacon is easy to consume and slows the rate of alcohol absorption in your body, allowing you to party for longer. And it’s only four syllables, so saying it is easy…try it BASS N’ BACON.

4. What do you see as the future of original electronic music in the Philippines?

To be sonically accepted by many people and to wish everyone success and happiness. Everyone gets their due, whether it’s some bedroom beats or something produced in a well-equipped studio. Get rid of the crab mentality and empower one another as a community.

5. Do you believe Pinoy electronic music producers can create material that is appealing to a wider global audience?

When it comes to local music, I personally dislike labeling it as “Pinoy-made.” The world deserves to hear it as long as it hits the right note and frequency. To answer your question, yes, I believe Filipino producers have the ability to compete on a global scale… The internet is your medium, and music is the universal language.

6. What difficulties have you personally encountered in the industry?

My greatest challenge as a music producer would be the conflict between “masa” and acquired taste music. I can confidently state that I am not the most adaptable artist out there. The reason for this is that I want to freely express my sound, hoping that one day it will be appreciated by many.

7. What defines the vibe of a BASS N’ BACON party, and who do you want to reach?

The atmosphere we create is reminiscent of the punk music scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s. We want to create a space where people can headbang, mosh, and sing their hearts out in defiance, going against the grain and fostering a culture centered on bass music. Our target demographic is anyone who enjoys the various music styles we’ve already mentioned but can’t find them in your typical club or festival.

8. How do you think the event can better promote original Filipino content?

Apart from the time slot of each artist, we do not have a specific program at BNB. It’s similar to a variety show, with each act having their own parade. As a result, we encourage them to leave a lasting impression. As part of our advocacy, we give new artists the opportunity to perform alongside some of today’s biggest names in the electronic music scene. There are no restrictions on how you can express yourself at the event, from representing a collective to performing surprise sets.

9. How did BASS N’ BACON get its start?

The abstract concept was conceived in 2014 and fully realized in the middle of 2017, when bass music was ripe and pungent for the masses. The concept was to throw a little bit of everything together, including popular foods and bass music with rock and hiphop influences. And, of course, there’s the party.

10. How can BASS N’ BACON promote responsible partying to young people without losing the vibe?

The BNB concept has always been about excess. Exaggeration. Taking it to its logical conclusion. Taking a stand against the system. We would promote the avoidance of drug use if there was anything that even came close to being responsible. Aside from that, we’re all about living the party lifestyle free of inhibitions and constraints.

11. Who are the BASS N’ BACON partygoers?

The majority are millennials and recent graduates, some of whom are still in school and others who have jobs. We don’t discriminate against anyone who wants to be a part of the circus and dance with glee.

12. Do you anticipate the party expanding into larger venues? What kind of assistance would you require?

I believe the goal for BNB was to grow bigger and more badass with each chapter. Yes, we would like to attract more people in larger venues while maintaining the intimate atmosphere. In terms of support, as long as people are open to new ideas, whether it’s from potential sponsors or regular people looking to release something.

13. How would you describe the evolution of your Bass and Bacon parties from the first to the current one?

Our strongest suit has always been direct marketing. We were able to shape BNB by involving our audience in our plans and actually listening to them. We initially planned to make it an intimate setting, similar to the Boiler Room in the United Kingdom. However, more plans and gimmicks are added to the mix, and we simply continue to grow our fan base with each passing year. So far, this most recent chapter has proven to be our most ambitious yet, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.

14. What is the purpose of serving bacon at parties?

Well, bacon, I suppose serving a greasy food slows the rate at which you absorb alcohol, implying that intoxication occurs gradually and will not prevent you from partying longer. And, as part of Filipino culture, a party isn’t complete without a good “pulutan.”

15. Have other artists from other provinces in the Philippines performed at BASS N’ BACON events?

Yes, in fact. DIMAS, a music producer and DJ from Iloilo City, has already performed at three of our events. We first met in December of 2013. Since then, he has achieved success in a variety of other events and club gigs in Manila, including No Ego, Hydro Manila Music Festival, URBN QC, Revel at the Palace, and others. I like to think of DIMAS as that diamond in the rough, someone who has established a name for himself in the industry through his hard work and uniqueness. He was one of the first people I knew who was interested in and produced dubstep.

16. Can we expect BASS N’ BACON events to take place in other provinces, such as beach parties in Visayas and Mindanao?

Beach gatherings! It’s not that we’re not open to the idea right now; it’s just that it’s quite unthinkable right now. Let’s just say it’s an enclosed room full of sharp metal objects ready to explode like an endorphin outburst. Perhaps some ruins or a forest in Visayas or Mindanao would be amazing

17. There are many themed parties on the horizon that promote historical sites such as Intramuros and other cultural hotspots… Do you see BASS N’ BACON appealing to international tourists and tourist destinations as well? Do you believe that exposing electronic music artists to tourists will help them reach a larger audience?

Without a doubt, yes. BASS N’ BACON is an event that has the potential to completely captivate tourists due to its innovative approach to party culture. Aside from the variety of music, unless you’re a vegan or a pescatarian, the idea of eating as much bacon as you want is certainly appealing. It’s also worth noting that the idea for BASS N’ BACON came from a recurring underground event in Chicago called Porn ‘N Chicken. B&B on a tourist destination is both feasible and debatable. True, it would help expose Filipino artists to a wider audience while also establishing BNB as a one-of-a-kind go-to party in the country. Knowing the demographic and vibe of BNB, it’s a bit daring for such an important site. I’m not saying we’re careless, but anything can happen at a BNB party. The last thing we want is to be shut down by the authorities for causing property damage.

18. Given that you’re promoting original music at these parties, do you think BASS N’ BACON could also hold mini mall promo concerts to highlight specific acts in different malls?

Actually, that never occurred to me. Perhaps in due course. My idea of a mall show would be to close an entire store and throw in a BNB party, with the only way in being the store’s purchase receipt. Of course, that would only be possible if we worked with a brand that supports the local music industry.

19. The best Electronic Music parties have been recorded with artists performing 24 hours a day, seven days a week… Do you think BASS N’ BACON is raising the bar for partying in the Philippines? What kinds of innovations are we likely to see that are unique to our motherland?

Definitely! So long as we keep our followers in mind and involve them in our plans. To meet demand while maintaining the authenticity of BNB and illuminating a brand-new party culture. In terms of innovation, one should take care of oneself, be open to all types of music, and be able to appreciate what certain events have to offer. I only say this because how can we move forward and expect something unique to which only a few people will be able to correspond? I’d also like to point out that BASS N’ BACON is one of the few venues where artists can truly be themselves and play the music they want, without being judged or subjugated by “mainstream” audiences. They already put in a lot of effort on a weekly basis to please others in their regular gigs; this is their chance to show who they truly are to an audience that appreciates it.

20. Around the year 2000, certain groups used parties to promote slogans to help the party community develop good habits… among the slogans I recall were “work hard and party harder”… in fact, the Ministry of Sound from the United Kingdom has taken it up as part of their community responsibility to promote fitness and health as part of their advocacy to educate clubbers and fans of electronic music.

Given that many of your partygoers work and attend school, do you believe BASS N’ BACON communicates work values and productivity while partying? How can your sponsors assist you in your advocacy efforts?

Yes, from a behind-the-scenes standpoint. Working on an event of this magnitude with us, given that we push for it to happen every few months, promotes productivity as every member of the crew diligently performs the assigned tasks in order to make it a success. Of course, we would like to believe that everyone involved has a responsibility to take care of themselves physically, not just to complete their tasks but also to set a good example in creating a harmonious and balanced environment. Success can be achieved internally, which may inspire potential sponsors to provide support to make the event even bigger, while also encouraging them to give a chance in creating awareness for the artists’ individual brands and the music they create for the audience to party to.

As far as I recall, our generation’s slogan or motto was “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat,” a song written by Fatboy Slim and popularized by Calvin Harris in 2013. It may sound unhealthy, but the desire to party and be with everyone can be viewed as an escape from reality, particularly in the Philippines. On a different note, it’s socially acceptable to say that millennials have a fear of missing out, or FOMO for short.

21. What can we expect from Jared Celemin in the future as a music producer?

Definitely more music, more label releases, and more events. I’ll keep incorporating what the universe has to offer as a music producer. For the time being, I’m working on my EP, which may not be radio-friendly or even appropriate for a club setting, but will undoubtedly reverberate smoothly as Curse & Bless

22. Could you please share your thoughts on all of the artists who performed at the event?

As previously stated, BNB parties are similar to a variety show, with each act having their own presentation ranging from surprise sets to performing in costumes. Most of the time, I handpicked each act for a variety of reasons, such as showmanship, new materials, or someone who deserved to be heard by a large number of people. All of the artists who performed at BASS N’ BACON 5 were phenomenal and left the audience wanting more; each act encapsulated the party culture that they represented and stood for, despite their individuality and uniqueness as performers.

23. So what’s next for the BASS N’ BACON series?

See you at BNB666!

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