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A DJ’s name is more than just their moniker in the world of electronic music. They may represent a brand, an identity, a label, or even an entire genre with their name. With that in mind, we have famed bass monster DIMAS from the Philippines dishing out a new style of sound under the guise of PVNDVMONIUM.

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How did you come up with the title RESURGENCE for your EP?

I haven’t released anything with Emoji in a long time. Given that the label was about to relaunch, I thought it would be an appropriate title for an EP, as we are all starting over with this relaunch.

As a new moniker, what prompted you to set aside your music, and how does it differ from Dimas’?

Initially, the plan was to create separate identities for DIMAS and PVNDVMONIUM. The former is more aimed at the mainstream, producing music, whether originals, remixes, or edits, that is more aligned with genres such as baile funk, future soul, or anything Soulection-based. PVNDVMONIUM, on the other hand, was intended to be both a continuation and eventual progression of the original DIMAS style of music, relying on heavy bass with a few synthwave and melodic bass influences. This identity takes a more evolved approach than the typical style of music released at the time, though a hint of aggression will still be present in future releases.

Which of the three tracks is your favorite, and does it speak to your heart?

“Missing You” is unquestionably that song. I’m not suggesting anything about its lyrical context, but I’m sure we’ve all been there, yearning for a distant emotional connection with someone already in our social circle. It could be a small crush on a friend or something far more serious. Nonetheless, “Missing You” is a subtle confession of sorts that doesn’t reveal anything.

Do you miss performing in front of an audience? And what has kept you occupied during the pandemic?

I recently decided to return to the BPO industry, and things are going well so far. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any real exposure to the call center environment, and it does bring with it a whole new set of challenges, but it’s been fun and I’ve been having a good time. Of course, all of this is in addition to the more practical side of things, in which we all need to survive and make a few extra dollars. When I’m not working 5 days a week, I’m still pursuing what we’ve all been working hard on for several years — making music and building a brand (from the ground up for PVNDVMONIUM, at least) that will hopefully reach a much larger audience.

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