Omar Baliw and Cookie$ Join Forces for a Hell of a Show in Cebu

An exciting event will take place at Holic in Cebu, and it will include Omar Baliw, one of the most prominent hip hop artists in Metro Manila, as well as Cookie$, Visaya’s most renowned rapper.

Omar Baliw, one of the most prominent hip hop artists in Metro Manila and the man behind HIGH MINDS CLOTHING, is joining forces with Cookie$, Visaya’s most renowned rapper, for an exhilarating event at Holic, Cebu. K9, King Spade, Dave Dela Cruz, Kali Hoods, Saad Rhy, Jkey, Good Times Roll, Just Raw, and Mutley are some of the other artists who will also be performing at the aforementioned event. Cebuanos and those from adjacent cities who are going to make the trip to see this event are going to enjoy the show very much. If you haven’t already purchased your tickets, it is strongly recommended that you do so immediately; else, you will likely come to deeply regret not doing so.

This is one of a kind event, where the north and the south come together to create an incredible event. Taking into account Omar Baliw and Cookie$’s respective strengths, there’s no doubt that they will bring the house down. Knowing this epic event spring to fruition, it’s unavoidable for a second event, most likely in the Metro Manila again with these two. It’s not inconceivable at all that Cookie$ will be touring in the Metro Manila in the future; in fact, it’s quite likely that he will be doing so for his bisaya fans.

Hence, Escape Artist Productions is necessary for the execution of this event to take place. A collection of musically-inclined people whose goal is to become one of the country’s most prestigious music productions for local talent. Along with NICK AUTOMATIC & HIGH MINDS immense following in the streetwear culture, we will be seeing these two brands cooperating more not only in merchandise but also in future events.

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