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Shun's Odyssey

A New Film Captures the Bustling Nightlife in Vietnam

The film depicts the life of Shun, a Japanese worker at a Hanoi-based call center. Shun embarks on an erroneous journey that ultimately leads him to Phú Quốc Odyssey.

A brand new fictitious video that highlights the vibrant personalities of Vietnam’s nightlife is now available to stream online at YouTube.

The narrative of Shun’s Odyssey, which lasts for 16 minutes, follows the life of Shun, a Japanese worker at a call center located in Hanoi. Shun inadvertently sets out on an adventure that ultimately leads him to Phú Quốc Odyssey, a real New Year’s Eve festival that takes place on the island of Phú Quốc in the south of Vietnam. This adventure is brought about by a series of encounters with eccentric characters, which are portrayed by various members of the local electronic music landscape.

The film was shot on location, and it combines a dreamlike plot with real-life industry participants in an effort to bring together the various musical icons that are associated with the country. Shuntaro Arakawa, a well-liked partygoer known for his strong stamina, plays the lead role of Shun, who is the protagonist of the story. There is also an appearance by Manikk, who is the music director at the Hanoi venue Mirage, Manuel Orkestar, who is a DJ and promoter, Mishouju, who is from the Hanoi label Doner Beat Records, and the drag queen collective Genderfunk.

Shun’s Odyssey is the official after-movie of the Phú Quốc Odyssey’s 2022 edition. It is the product of a joint venture between the local events platform Studio Adventure Collective and the production agency Phoq Creative Studio.

Studio Adventure stated to Resident Advisor that “the narrative and characters poured out organically,” comparing it to “almost like a running joke from an afterparty.” It was proposed that a portion of the profits from the festival be put toward the production of the movie in order to provide monetary assistance to the neighborhood’s artistic community.

Breaks, techno, house, acid, and electro were all incorporated into the film’s original soundtrack, which was produced by Humb and Wahren Boy of Doner Beat Records. An electronic release should be available very soon on the label’s Bandcamp.

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