The artists have created three distinct virtual spaces for the online exhibition, which is being curated by Tzuhuan Lin, veeeky, and XTRUX, all of whom are from Taiwan. Why isn’t the horizon curved when you take a picture of the Earth on a flat surface? Tzuhuan Lin’s work is concerned with giving form to abstract ideas. He imagines the possibilities of a Flat Earth Theory through the medium of visual storytelling.

Water Skin by veeeky considers whether or not there is a “skin” on the surface of water; whether or not there is a “skin” on the surface of water and whether or not it is visible to the observer depends on whether or not the observer chooses to focus on it.

By exploring the collective consciousness established by multi-layered independent events throughout folk beliefs and religious history, XTRUX hopes to better understand how these beliefs shaped events, emotions, and perspectives in the future. XTRUX investigates a second reality and culture that is created by consciousness when it is combined with physical memory in a virtual space. This is accomplished through simulated gaming mechanisms.

Besides showcasing the three main works, the gallery will also display the many submissions and art pieces that were collected during a month-long open call and that relate to concepts found in the themed spaces as well.

SYNERGY Festival is a brand-new music festival that promotes gender equality and mutual respect while also embracing cultural diversity. The festival will take place in the spring of 2019. The mission is to create a safe environment in which partygoers can enjoy art while remaining comfortable and protected from the elements. In order to provide attendees with an unforgettable audio-visual live experience, a collaboration between singer-songwriters, electronic music producers, and visual artists will be undertaken to create reinterpreted versions of their work.

Beginning today and running through April 20, the SYNERGY Virtual Art Gallery will be open to the public. A guided tour of the gallery is available here.

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