Wacken Metal Battle PH — The People Has Spoken

Large gatherings such as concerts, festivals, athletic events, and other big gatherings are expected to regain their pre-pandemic splendor of success after a 24-month hiatus. And there was no stopping Wacken Metal Battle from making history in the Philippines.

When cities around the country began issuing stay-at-home orders two years ago, event providers shifted their focus from advertising shows to tracking cancellations. To keep afloat in the midst of the pandemic, several musicians ended up livestreaming their performances, some quite, and some adopted a different career route. However, when vaccination rates climb and governments loosen pandemic rules, the music marketing and production firm’s goal returns to normal. The Wacken Metal Battle was a testament that the concert scene is ready to bring the good ol’ rock n roll to the public. From headbanging to jumping and wylin’ in the pit, there’s something for everyone. And of course, we were there to witness this historic occurrence, with all access passes provided by the Numinous management.

©KNYA Collective
Around 6PM – ©KNYA Collective

Kahit sobrang haba ng pila, sobrang worth it. SOLID! Sana meron ulit bago matapos yung taon.

Julie “Rakers ng Dasma”

Byinahe ko pa ‘to galing Tarlac, pumila ng halos pang dalawang taong worth ng pila, para makita ulit tumugtog ng live mga idolo ko.


For 2 years I’ve imagined playing a stadium show in my head… that kept me going during those times when hope was almost non-existent.

Nothing compares to a live crowd and the exchange of energy can’t be denied.

Rogel of Valley Of Chrome

The event went forward with strict compliance to the policy, as well as safety precautions for all attendees. Despite the fact that there was no charge for admission, it was anticipated that the event would be at capacity. There were food and water concession kiosks available for everyone, in addition to a medical emergency kiosk.

People lined up outside Amoranto Stadium as early as one o’clock in the afternoon, showing absolutely no reluctance and not the slightest indication that they were concerned about whether or not it would rain. “Basta makapasok at makipag bardagulan sa loob”

As the saying goes “basta pag may natumba, itayo kaagad”. It’s a typical phrase heard during performances, and it’s meant to convey that the artists cares not only about the music, but also about the audience who came to see them. And this was the situation that was experienced at Wacken Metal Battle, where it was complete mayhem but guests were incredibly attentive of the people around them and complied with the security measures at the event.

One of our mutual friends frequently enlightened us with tales about his experiences creating music and playing it for audiences consisting of individuals from all walks of life. After going for two years without being able to enjoy anything, the happiness that individuals felt at Wacken Metal Battle was incomparably above anything that could ever be replaced.


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