Clear Gallery Tokyo Is Clutching a Graphic Punk Rock Exhibition

Clear Gallery Tokyo is now hosting an exhibition titled ‘Nietzche Was Wrong And We Are Specters Wandering In The World Of Crap,’ which features works by Japanese artist Wataru Komachi and Siena Barnes from the United Kingdom.

The exhibition, which draws inspiration from punk rock aspects, emphasizes the duo’s artwork, which also includes muslin shirts, a fundamental item of Johnny Rotten’s style and pretty much emblematic to the music genre as a theme.

Tokyo & Kyoto-based Wataru Komachi finds creativity in a variety of sources, including graffiti and Zen gardens. Robert Raushenberg, Andy Warhol, and the Punk Rock Movement of 1977, including bands like The Ramones and DIY Punk Band Flyers, are some of the artists who have had an impact on the work of Wataru Komachi.

Siena Barnes‘s elegant and obscene ink drawings and esoteric sinema look at how western consumer culture is still obsessed with sexuality, breaking the rules, and freedom. Barnes asks viewers to embrace the unlawful personal and societal darkness because, now more than ever, what is concealed must be revealed.

Wataru Komachi
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The exhibition ‘Nietzsche Was Wrong And We Are Specters Wandering In The World Of Crap’ by Clear Gallery Tokyo is on display until July 2nd. More information about the exhibition may be found here.


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