Jibaro Cosplay From Love, Death & Robots From PH — Couldn’t Get Any More Realistic

Scenes from the episode “Jibaro” of the animated anthology series “Love Death + Robots” were reproduced by a creative team led by a JAO from Manila.

JAO, the photographer, claimed on Facebook that after watching the episode, he was immediately drawn to the character and wanted to capture her. The following compelling pictures were captured in Floridablanca, Pampanga, and feature Nixki / Mary Nicolette Esmilla portraying the iconic “Golden Siren.”

In case you missed it, this Siren is from the Love, Death & Robots Season 3 episode ‘Jibaro.’ It is perhaps the most popular episode of the most recent season, spawning a plethora of discussion, fanart, and cosplay.

Who is Jibaro? Unfortunately, Jibaro is a far darker narrative than Suvannamaccha. Instead of a love story, this is a tale of passion, misery, avarice, and trauma. The golden Siren was so enamored with the man that she couldn’t stop herself from lying with him and subsequently dancing for him, showing him her affection. This scene is extremely symbolic of the sex act. She devoted her body and soul to the soldier who mistreated it instead of caring for her. It was a heinous attack when he pulled the scales from her body. Everything in their encounter, both before and after the assault, demonstrates women’s endurance. Her lake resembles a womb, and the soldier’s savage attack left her bleeding into the river.

Check out some of Jao’s other imaginative photographs here.


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