DJ-Producer NERF: Defying Expectations and Proving Filipino Music Can Thrive in the Global Stage

NERF, the young DJ-Producer, singer-songwriter from Sergio Osmeña, Zamboanga del Norte, has been making waves in the music industry despite hailing from a small town with limited resources. In a recent interview with us, he shared his story and offered advice to aspiring artists.


NERF‘s passion for music production was sparked when he came across a digital audio workstation and was inspired by Skrillex, a renowned American producer. Since then, he has developed his unique style, heavily influenced by electronic dance music (EDM). NERF’s family, filled with singers and musicians, has also played a significant role in his musical journey. They have served as mentors, teaching him the basics of music theory and providing him with a supportive environment, even though pursuing a career in music is not the most practical choice in Filipino culture.

NERF’s story is not just about his success as a DJ-Producer, but it is also about breaking stereotypes and cultural barriers. In Filipino culture, art and music are often not seen as practical career paths, and parents often push their children to pursue careers in medicine, engineering, or law, where they can earn stable incomes and provide for their families. However, NERF’s family has been supportive of his passion for music, encouraging him to pursue his dreams and providing him with the resources and support he needs to succeed.

Despite facing numerous challenges, including limited exposure and opportunities in his local music scene, as well as cultural barriers and stereotypes that can make it difficult for Filipino artists to break into the international music market, NERF has persevered. He won the 1st Dapitan DJ Controller Battle organized by Friends & Weekends, a significant achievement for a young artist from a small town and has continued to improve his skills and develop his unique sound.

Winning the 1st Dapitan DJ Controller Battle was a significant achievement for NERF, but he knows that there is still much more he wants to achieve in the music industry. He continues to work hard and develop his sound, seeking inspiration from other artists and staying true to his style. NERF’s music is heavily influenced by EDM, but he is always open to experimenting with new ideas and taking risks to push the boundaries of his music.

In his interview with us, NERF emphasized the importance of staying true to one’s sound and style, being open to taking risks and experimenting with new ideas, and keeping learning and improving one’s skills. He also stressed the need to seek feedback and guidance from other artists and industry professionals and to never give up on one’s dreams. He stressed that individuals should not allow others to define them and their career paths. Instead, they should follow their hearts and pursue their passions, even if it may not align with what their families or culture expect of them.

While it is important to consider the opinions and desires of loved ones, it is crucial to never forget oneself and what brings true fulfillment and happiness. Nerf’s advice highlights the importance of staying true to oneself and pursuing passions, even in the face of cultural or familial pressures.

NERF’s story is an inspiration for young artists everywhere, showing that with dedication and perseverance, anything is possible. It is about breaking free from cultural expectations and pursuing one’s passion, even when faced with challenges and obstacles. NERF’s success as a DJ-Producer is not just a personal triumph, but it is also a victory for the arts, showing that pursuing a career in music can be just as fulfilling and rewarding as any other profession. His story serves as a reminder to all young aspiring artists that if they have a dream and a passion, they should pursue it with all their heart and never give up.


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