Jerome Abaloyan and Kobeast Challenge Gen Z’s Music Taste with House Music in Makati

The evolution of dance music has always been shaped by the changing tastes and trends of the generations that consume it. And the current state of house music, specifically, serves as an intriguing embodiment of the attitudes and preferences of the latest cohort of nightlife enthusiasts, Gen Z, and how they consume, interpret and imbue this particular genre with their own unique sensibilities and cultural perspectives.

While commercial music such as Pop and Top 40s still dominates the charts and the airwaves, DJs like Jerome and Kobeast have found ways to incorporate the distinctive sounds of house music into their sets without losing their audiences. As resident DJs in Poblacion, Makati, they understand the importance of catering to the crowd’s preferences while also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

House Music In Makati - Midnight Rebels
Jerome Abaloyan at Guilt

Jerome Abaloyan, for instance, believes that a deep knowledge of one’s music library is essential to creating a unique and engaging experience for party-goers. By deftly blending pop tracks with drops of tech-house and house remixes of popular songs, he creates a fresh take on familiar favorites that keeps the crowd moving and grooving.

Meanwhile, Kobeast, a dedicated house DJ, knows that playing commercial tracks is a necessary compromise to keep up with the ever-changing music scene. But he also recognizes the importance of introducing audiences to new and exciting sounds, like the pulsing rhythms and infectious beats of house music. Balancing the need to play to the crowd while still challenging their musical horizons is a delicate dance that Kobeast executes with precision and finesse.

House Music In Makati - Midnight Rebels
Kobeast at Neon City

In this new era of nightlife, Jerome and Kobeast are on a mission to redefine the boundaries of dance music, all while maintaining their hard-earned reputations as skilled and versatile DJs. As they navigate the shifting sands of Gen Z’s taste, they understand that the willingness of young people to embrace new sounds and genres is not just a matter of following trends. It’s about cultivating a sense of openness and curiosity that translates to all aspects of life, not just the club scene.

With an optimistic view that Gen Z is receptive to new sounds and ideas, it falls upon the DJs to integrate their preferred musical styles into their sets in a way that educates and enlightens the younger generations. By acknowledging and taking advantage of the malleability of Gen Z’s cultural palate, the DJ has a unique opportunity to expose their audience to unfamiliar yet innovative soundscapes that challenge the traditional boundaries of dance music.

The nightlife scene in Poblacion, Makati is a place of this broader cultural trend. Here, young people from all walks of life come together to experience the magic of dance music, and to explore the limits of what’s possible. For Jerome and Kobeast, it’s a challenge and an opportunity to create something truly special, to push the boundaries of what’s expected and to create a night that party-goers will never forget. It is up to DJs like Jerome and Kobeast to keep the party going, to keep the beat thumping, and to keep the crowd moving. The future of dance music may be uncertain, but one thing is for sure: it’s going to be a wild and unforgettable ride.


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