Kobeast: Kid From Manila Making Waves

It is always interesting to get the perspectives of the younger generation occasionally. Because they represent the next wave.

We had a conversation with Kobe/Kobeast, an emerging artist based in Pandacan, Manila, about his perspective on the nightlife scene as it exists today. Kobe is a force to be reckoned with. As a young artist, he is highly knowledgeable about a lot of things from curating his own event to what kind of music people likes. It is always interesting to get the perspectives of the younger generation occasionally. Because they represent the next wave.

Hi! Hello, tell us about you.
My name is Jose Shaq Kobe N. Cabusora, also known by the moniker “Kobeast.” I am 20 years old. I was born and schooled on the neighborhoods of Pandacan, which is located in Manila. I work as a DJ and producer in the nightlife industry. I’ve been a DJ for somewhere around six years at this point. When I first began getting into metal, being a DJ wasn’t really an option for me. It just so happened that during my freshman year of high school I was able to supplement my income by working for the sound system company owned by my father. And I had the opportunity to attend events that featured DJ performances. And that is what stoked the fire of my excitement. When it comes to spheres of influence, I have a wider selection. John Sedano, Jet Boado, Marxx Monterola, and Mars Miranda are some of the local producers and DJs who have had a significant impact on my sound, but Kaskade is the industry standard internationally.

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Katsy Lee and Kobeast at EL Chante

Describe the electronic music community in Manila.
If you want your name to be remembered in the music scene here in Manila, you really must play Top 40 and other mainstream music. The unfortunate reality is that not everyone in Manila enjoys listening to deep or underground music. If you are an artist and your identity is, for example, Drum & Bass, Filthy Basslines, consider the following: That song is not allowed to be played in standard nightclubs or taverns. In order to be able to express who you are, you need to find the correct group of people or movement. There is no question in anyone’s mind that Manila is home to an exceptionally skilled pool of electronic music producers and musicians. But for me, the issue is that the local electronic scene is not yet fully developed. We can count our blessings that there are movements such as Bass n’ Bacon, No Ego, and others. Who genuinely wants to take the local electronic music scene to the next level? Educating the audience about other types of sound, particularly bass music. Not just the typical sounds associated with festivals. Poblacion Makati also plays a significant role in the local electronic culture here in Manila. In contrast to Qc and Bgc, the poblacion scene and its attendees have a strong appreciation for electronic music that is not considered mainstream. There are bars there that offer House Night Techno or Trance night for patrons to enjoy.

How many events have you organized? Is the crowd differ from the regular nightlife in Metro Manila?
When I was a part of a Nightlife production from 2016 to 2018, I gained a little bit of experience in the past. This was a long time ago. They throw pool parties in and around the Rizal area. But as for me, I’ve recently organized my very first event, which I’m calling the BASS NIGHT HOUSE PARTY. People will be exposed to and given a better understanding of Bass Music through my involvement in that event. In a similar manner to No Ego and Bass N Bacon. I have a strong desire to make a contribution of some kind to the electronic scene, and for me, this is the path that will allow me to do so. When it comes to the crowd, the crowd is really different because when you go to bass music events, you see people head banging and occasionally there are moshpits and slams. This is in contrast to typical nightlife, where people still party but aren’t as hard core about it.

What type of experience do your events emphasize?
The purpose of Bass Night is to actually educate people about how beautiful bass music is. When we talk about a house party, we really mean a house party. It is important to us that it not be too successful. If you understand what I’m getting at. However, we still intend to leave certain faults. It is a more personal experience than other events. in contrast to the typical nightlife atmosphere. I would like it if the DJs, rather than giving the audience what they want, would play music for them that they would enjoy but had no idea they wanted. That seems to be the distinguishing feature of bass night.

What are your remaining plans for the year? Will you concentrate on DJing, events, or music production?
The strategy calls for exerting one’s full capacity while DJ-ing. Make an effort to establish my name as the Kobeast as a trademark. In addition to this, I am making preparations to release my debut album, which will include entirely of Bass House and Tech House music. I’m shooting towards having it done by the end of the year, if at all possible. When it comes to events, you can count on me to participate in another bass night. Greater in size and quality than the one that came before it. And more thumping line up. In addition, as an artist in general, one of my goals is to make a contribution toward elevating the electronic music scene in Manila.

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