5 Essential Tips for Networking and Getting Noticed as a New DJ

Hey new DJ, take heed! The path to success in the music industry is not an easy one. To truly make your mark as a DJ, you must not only hone your skills behind the decks, but also cultivate a strong network of contacts and fans who can help you get noticed and rise to the top.

One of the most important things you can do as a new DJ is to attend events and be social. By putting yourself out there and meeting other DJs, promoters, and music enthusiasts, you can begin to build relationships and make connections that can lead to future opportunities. So don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, exchange contact information, and engage in conversation with others in the scene. Enrolling in a DJ school can also be beneficial, especially for those who are just starting out.

But it’s not enough to simply attend events and hope that people will notice you. In today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is also essential. Whether it’s through a website or social media profiles, you must showcase your skills and share your music with the world. Regularly updating your profiles and engaging with your followers can help you build a community around your music and gain exposure.

  • SoundCloud: upload and share music, follow other artists, engage with fans
  • Mixcloud: upload and share mixes, discover and follow other DJs
  • Instagram: showcase gigs and behind-the-scenes, connect with DJs and promoters
  • Facebook: promote gigs, connect with fans and industry professionals
  • Twitter: share news and thoughts, engage with DJs and industry professionals
  • YouTube: share mixes, music videos and visual content, connect with DJs and music producers
  • TikTok: share short videos, snippets of mixes and behind-the-scenes footage
  • Twitch: live-stream DJ sets and engage with the audience in real-time
  • LinkedIn: professional networking to connect with DJs and industry professionals, showcase experience and skills
  • Reddit: online community with dedicated subreddits for DJs, share music and get feedback on mixes.

Collaboration is another key to success as a new DJ. By working with other DJs and producers in your local scene, you can create new and exciting mixes or tracks that showcase your skills and gain exposure for all involved. Don’t be afraid to reach out and propose a collaboration to those whose work you admire.

DJ competitions are also an excellent way to get noticed and gain exposure. Seek out local or online competitions that align with your style and skill level, and prepare a strong mix that showcases your talents.

But perhaps most importantly, be supportive of your fellow DJs and participate in the community. Attending and promoting events featuring other DJs, sharing their music on your social media, and offering support and advice to others in the scene can help you build valuable connections and earn the trust and respect of the industry. By being a positive force in the community, you can establish yourself as a reliable and supportive DJ.

To sum it up, our 5 tips starting out as a new DJ:

  1. Attend events and be social
  2. Create a strong online presence
  3. Collaborate with other DJs and producers
  4. Enter DJ competitions
  5. Support fellow DJs and participate in the community

Networking and getting noticed as a DJ takes dedication, hard work, and persistence. While it’s important to promote yourself, it’s equally important to build genuine relationships and collaborations that can help you grow as a DJ and gain valuable exposure. Don’t resort to “buttering up” or “kissing ass” to get ahead – focus on building a strong reputation as a reliable and supportive DJ who contributes positively to the community. With patience and perseverance, you can make your mark in the music industry and achieve your dreams.

Source: https://musiciantuts.com/dj-networking/


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