URBN Makati: The Club That’s Giving Back to the Community and Celebrating Local Talents!

The most recent addition to the nightlife scene in Poblacion, URBN Makati, has been an absolute success ever since it held its soft opening earlier this month. The club is committed to supporting local talent and creating employment opportunities for people in the nearby area, and it is owned by Will, who served as well as the chief of URBN QC

URBN Makati - Fidel Bretaña
URBN Makati – Fidel Bretaña

The ultra-chic and cutting-edge decor of the club was the first thing that drew my attention when I arrived at URBN Makati. The company and club directors Aly and Gavin greeted me with a friendly smile and showed me around the club as we continued our conversation. As we made our way through the various areas, I couldn’t help but notice the meticulous attention to detail that had been put into each and every facet of the layout. Everything in the room, from the lofty ceilings to the tasteful light fixtures, was designed to work together to produce a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance. Even down to the manner in which the staff members dress in their uniforms, as well as the level of detail in the costumes worn by the dancers, waiters, and waitresses. I thought I was in Vegas for a sec.

URBN Makati - Fidel Bretaña
URBN Makati – Fidel Bretaña

Gavin led the way, pointing out the various areas of the club and explaining what each one was used for as we made our way through it. The club’s main dance floor was encircled by plush seating and VIP areas, both of which contributed to the atmosphere of seclusion and glitz that pervaded the establishment. In the club’s second floor, there was a more private area with a bar and a smaller dance floor; it was ideal for people looking for a more relaxed atmosphere.

URBN Makati - Fidel Bretaña
URBN Makati – Fidel Bretaña

Following the tour, Gavin ushered me to the bar and made a drink recommendation for me. The club’s bartenders were well-versed in the art of crafting a wide variety of inventive cocktails, and the establishment’s bar was stocked with premium brands of liquor. Gavin filled me in on the club’s dedication to the neighborhood and its promotion of homegrown talent while I sipped my alak.

URBN Makati - Neil Bengzon
URBN Makati – Neil Bengzon

They believe it is essential to give back to the community and create job opportunities for the locals. As a result, they are always looking for up-and-coming DJs and MCs who want to show off their skills at URBN Makati, not just the artists but also the staff and dancers.

Locals and tourists alike have shown a lot of interest in URBN Makati ever since it had its soft opening. It should come as no surprise that the club has quickly become a favorite destination for those who are looking for a night out because of its commitment to supporting the local community in addition to its opulent atmosphere.

URBN Makati – Neil Bengzon

URBN Makati is committed to giving back to the community in a variety of different ways, in addition to fostering the development of local talent. The club routinely holds fundraisers and other events for local charities and organizations, and it donates a portion of the proceeds to support a variety of causes.

As I sipped the last of my drink and said my goodbyes to Gavin and Will, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the club’s commitment to both luxury and social responsibility. URBN Makati is more than just a place to go out and have fun; rather, it is a catalyst for positive change in the community. Why not get a group of your closest friends together and head over to URBN Makati for an evening filled with music, dancing, and experiences you won’t soon forget? 

Book your reservation now: 0915 269 1000 or [email protected]
Waze: 11th Floor, 7842 Makati Ave, Poblacion, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila


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