BASS N’ BACON Makes Its Way To Mindanao For Halloween

For the first time ever, Metro Manila’s most notorious EDM party will be going out of town! Following a big splash back onto the scene after 2.5 years of pandemic-induced hiatus, it’s clear that BASS N’ BACON will continue making waves as demand for the acclaimed event surges nationwide in the Philippines. Coming up on October 29th, BNB will be traversing all the way to Mindanao with a brand new experience ready to be unleashed: a campfire rave in the middle of a provincial ricefield, complete with tents, fresh-roasted lechon and surrounded by the mountains.

Hosted in collaboration with Route 80 Coffee, the event site in Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur, features the fabled TRAPHOUSE as its mainstage. An established venue in its own right, TRAPHOUSE has built a reputation over the years for some bangin’ house parties in the province. With the DJ decks out on the front porch, it functions as both a stage and the core of the campsite. The eats and the meats will be provided by local favorites such as Pares Besh, Enting’s BBQ and Samie’s Lechon Manok.

BASS N’ BACON is known for going all in. Being able to bring this sort of revelry across the nation also signifies reception to new music and new artists within the electronic sphere. Ultimately, BNB aims to cultivate the local scene wherever it goes – and it’s looking like BNB is certainly going places, in every sense of the phrase.


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