In recent years, Love Hultén’s fascination with unusual synthesizers has taken on a new, more contemporary appearance. With the assistance of designer Lirona, the artist has created Synth#boi, a hybrid soft synthesizer and “interactive visualizer.” An Intel NUC PC with an S-Engine MKII sound module, a circular display, and an unsettling humanoid visualizer is used to create the blocky, austere art project, which takes input from a MIDI keyboard and converts it to digital form. On fact, the more you play, the brighter the ‘person’ in the visualizer becomes — it’s almost as if the device is looking back at you and evaluating your performance —

And, in contrast to many of Hultén’s work, this is something that can be purchased. Starting on November 22nd at 10 a.m. Eastern, the designer will be selling ten examples of Synth#boi as “physical NFTs” on the Dissrup platform. While there is no mention of cost, we would anticipate that the limited quantity and novelty would command a higher price. You should consider it if you’re determined to have a conversation piece that also serves to satisfy your musical compulsions as well.

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