Watch Oli Sykes and Alice Longyu GAO’s Futuristic ‘Believe the Hype’ Video

The genre-bending collaboration has finally been released, and it has Sykes doing a space age rap over a dark background. This is a change from Sykes’ typical roaring screams.

The futuristic music video for “Believe The Hype” was released alongside the song, and it features both Sykes and Longyu Gao performing their verses in an otherworldly setting while painted in silver paint.

Directed by Grace McCarthy and Longyu Gao, watch ‘Believe The Hype’ below:

When asked about the track, Longyu Gao said: “I am an inventor. I am the type of artist that people need to enjoy the awesomeness in person. I am creating exceptional art, and I have to use 95 per cent of my time to fight to be heard, to be seen, and to perform. At the end of the day I just want to make great art that lasts, that nurtures everyone, that heals me. However living in this capitalistic world gives me way too much anxiety, discrimination, and exhaustion. Believe The Hype is a temporary pill for myself to deal with all of that.”

The most recent collaboration from Sykes comes after Bring Me The Horizon recently revealed that they will release their upcoming single, titled “Strangers,” the following week.

The band debuted the song for the very first time during a DJ set that they played on the very first evening of their very own Malta Weekender festival. The rendition of the song that they played featured blaring electric guitars and crashing drums, very much like the majority of the band’s most recent studio material.

Meanwhile, Mat Nicholls and Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon have announced that they will be participating in a charity triathlon to raise money for the organization UKRAINEPRIDE.

The singer and the drummer are going to compete in the Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon, which is billed as “one of the fastest-sprint distance triathlon courses” in the city of York. The event will take place in August.

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