Indian Club Bouncers and Management Brutally Beat up Guests after Harassing Women

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At approximately 2 a.m. on Monday, August 8, a fight broke out at a night club known as Casa Danza, which is situated in the city of Gurugram in the state of Haryana in northern India. A video that has now gone viral shows a group of guys severely abusing guests on the street, with some of them even wielding sticks. The fight was captured on camera. The club employees who were involved have already been taken into custody, 6 bouncers and a manager in total.

One of the individuals who was assaulted, a manager with a multinational technology company, has filed the complaint. She asserts that she, along with her three other pals, visited the Gurugram Club Casa Denza to enjoy the night.

A female patron who was entering the venue reported that one of the male bouncers inappropriately groped her. The guest, who, in contrast, “kept his composure and did not raise his hand,” was pushed and verbally abused by the bouncer after a male buddy from the group retaliated against the harassment. However, he was treated with aggression by the bouncer, who continued the behavior.

The female victim approached the club’s two managers for assistance, who just so happened to be in close proximity to the altercation. Unhappily, her attempt to de-escalate the situation only resulted in a more violent response when one of the managers “ordered the bouncers to go ahead and beat the guy and the lady.”

The incident was recorded by the Instagram user @gtownfood00, who also provided a commentary that went into greater depth regarding the circumstances that led to the altercation.

As the situation escalated, additional bouncers jumped in and began beating the victim’s friends with sticks, giving in to the mob mentality that had developed. One of the guests had been punched and kicked to the point of unconsciousness when it happened.

After making many calls to the police without any success, the victims were finally able to get in touch with India’s Women Helpline. There, they were able to report the event and ask for protection from the appropriate authorities. When the police did finally arrive, there was not a single female Constable to be found anywhere in the area. They didn’t even try to talk to the people in charge of the club; instead, they just told the victims to go to the hospital and make a complaint there after they were finished with their medical paperwork.

During that same time, a bystander recorded the unfolding events and posted the footage to social media, where it quickly gained widespread attention. Following the receipt of information, a police unit responded at the scene and transported those who had been injured to the hospital.

In addition to this, the complainant stated that the bouncers took roughly 12,000 Indian Rupees in cash and a smartwatch. Along with the widely shared video evidence.

According to India TV News, Casa Danza made the following statement; “We empathetically deny the molestation allegations surrounding the bodyguard, as evident in the surveillance footage that we have reviewed, confirms that there was no misdemeanour or untoward act by such security agency personnel against the alleged female or any other member of their group. It is pertinent to point out that we have adequate female security personnel as well to assure female protection at the club.”

It should come as no surprise that this is not the first time personnel at Casa Danza have been accused of mistreating female customers at the establishment. The club’s administration has consistently refused to take any action against the individuals responsible for the unwanted touching and groping incidents, and in response, they have barred the individuals who filed the complaints from entering the establishment.

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