Getter Breaks Reasons Why He Doesn’t Release as Much Music These Days

Getter was, without a shadow of a question, one of the most influential artists working in the dubstep scene for the longest time. His activity level has been slowly declining over the course of time, despite the fact that he was able to successfully leave his mark and that his work inspired a great number of artists. Yesterday evening, Getter resorted to Twitter in order to air some of his grievances with the industry and to provide an explanation for why he has decided to leave it.

Although this tweet appears to be rather mysterious, it is abundantly evident that he is sick of being used by people who are not genuine in the industry. It may be common knowledge that the music industry is notorious for being peculiar and shady, but it is not as typical for successful artists like him to speak out on what it feels like to be used. Getter has opened up about his experience in this article.

The rate at which he has released new songs and gone on tour has slowed down significantly after the release of his most recent studio album, Visceral, in 2018. Over the course of the past four years, he has issued a total of four solo singles in addition to two EPs. Due to the severe backlash from fans, he decided to postpone the Visceral tour in 2019. On the other side, he has switched his concentration a bit more towards his hip-hop act Terror Reid. Since the year 2020, the project has seen the release of an album, an EP, and many singles.

Getter - Midnight Rebels

Other artists who have had a similar experience in the industry or who can connect to his displeasure turned up in the replies, either to build off of what he was saying or merely to offer support. In the end, it just seems as though he is completely worn down by the various circumstances that he has been forced to endure throughout the course of his career.

However, he does not wish to dampen the spirits of any aspiring young artists. To be more precise, he is urging people to stand up for themselves, particularly earlier in their careers when it is more probable that they will be taken advantage of than later on in their careers.


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