Yamaha TurnT Allows You to Turn Your Smartphone into a Turntable

The smartphone-powered record player from Yamaha brings together two worlds: the past and the present. The TurnT concept, which is a part of the collection titled “Stepping Out of the Slate,” recreates the motions of placing a record on a turntable by using the screen of your smartphone in place of the vinyl. After making their choice, users may navigate between albums by swiping their finger across the screen, after which they can place their smartphone on the gadget and use the stylus to select a song to play. To change tracks, move the arm in the same manner as a conventional record player. At this time, the TurnT is only in the prototype stage; however, keep a watch out for the possibility that it will go into production in the near future.

In recent years, new music experiences and accessories have become available through a variety of applications for smartphones. This is made possible by developments in information technology. Yamaha Design Laboratory feels that there is still a desire for more substantial and tactile interactions, which cannot be reached with touch panel operation, despite the fact that these services are extremely convenient for replacing older equipment. As a result, the creative team has come up with four prototypes for new music devices that are designed to function in conjunction with mobile phone applications. These are the TurnT, the Winder, the MusicLight, and the RhythmBot.

Other products that are part of this series of ideas include a “Winder” that plays just one song from your phone when it is wound up; a candle that modifies the music that is played on your phone depending on the flickering of the flame; and robots that make acoustic sounds that can be synced to the sounds that you are currently making yourself.

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