Mark Thompson, DJ & Music Producer — Breaking Down Barriers and Moving Forth.

Mark Thompson is a Filipino-Australian artist with a distinct style of music production that creates an immersive experience for his audience through Live DJ Performances. He is currently the Red Bull Music 3Style Philippine Champion.

Mark has a distinct style that combines the unusual, making him uncommon among DJs today. Hearing sounds creatively rearranged, mashed up, and tone performed live while adding live percussion to the spectrum is nothing short of amazing. With addition to his career as a successful DJ and music producer, Thompson has been involved in artistic endeavors, including co-founding Thompson Collective Inc. with Patty Tiu. The first Asian mobile superbrand that provide Tattoo, Piercing, Event, and DJ services on wheels.

One thing that cannot be denied about Thompson’s current situation is that he is serving as the official DJ for one of the most successful metal bands in the Philippines. Made his debut as the official DJ for Philia at the Wacken Metal Battle last July 8 at Amoranto Stadium in front of thousands of people.

Philia welcoming Mark Thompson

In addition to his competence in his field, Mark Thompson has graciously consented to sit down and have a conversation with us at Midnight Rebels. In order to accommodate those who are not aware of his arduous journey to the top of the music industry, we have prepared some questions for him. To tell you the truth, it really captivated us.

Mark, you have been the champion of the DJ competition Redbull Music 3Style; how has that accomplishment impacted your career as an artist?

Red Bull 3style was a game changer for me; just preparing for the competition helped me enhance my skills (pressure from wanting to represent your country properly, mixed with the idea of being memorable while bringing something fresh to the table).

Though the competition helped me establish credibility, it was not the solution to my difficulty at the time (getting more concerts). From the outside, it may appear that if you win a prestigious battle like that, the bookings will start pouring in and you’ll be set. That is simply not the case. You must continue to work to ensure that you continue to be hired. Moreover, you must remain creative since the folks who come to see you perform demand new ideas and holy shit moments in the concerts you act in.

I do want to express how grateful I am to have been a part of it all. More than winning the National Finals, it was the experience of going into a new nation for a week and playing in my favorite sport (djing). Meeting all of these incredible DJs, from the judges you look up to and study, to the team behind the event, to the National Champions who went through the same battle to reach the World Finals,

That week, I made 23 new acquaintances from all over the world. That week taught me more than the three months I spent preparing for the competition.


Hey, I'm a music producer, DJ, and event curator for BASS N' BACON, and run a record label. I can speak English, Tagalog, and Bisaya, and I enjoy writing about music and culture. Whether it's through my music or writing, I bring a unique perspective and lots of experience to every project I do. Thanks for checking out my work!

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