Kris Delano Drops New Track “S.M.A” with Music Video

Kris Delano has always been ahead of the curve. The distinct vocal style of the rapper from Manila, who has been at the forefront of hip hop since his debut six years ago.

We are indebted to Kris Delano for providing us with advance access to the aforementioned music, and we are thankful for this opportunity. Yesterday, he released the official music video for his newest single, which goes by the title “S.M.A” (Samahan Mo Ako). Kris Delano bares his mind on the music, singing, “Samahan mo ako sa trip, at tayo’y maglalakbay, yeah, yeah, yeah. Samahan mo ako saglit, para buhay hayahay, yeah, yeah, yeah”. That’s a very ingenious approach to make it LSS, actually.

Kris Delano has never lagged behind the pack in any regard. The unique vocal approach of the rapper from Manila, who has been at the cutting edge of hip hop ever since he made his debut six years ago, is able to communicate thru writing and rapping with urgency, compassion, and confidence in a way that very few rappers could ever aspire to achieve.

As per Kris Delano, he would like to express his gratitude to his co-presenters Fuma Philippines, Baked Studios, UNDRAFTED, and TMP Productions Inc., as well as to everyone else who has supported him with this endeavor.

They are the ones who are really responsible for taking the music video to an entirely new level. I am forever grateful.

Kris Delano