deadmau5 Appears On New Netflix’s New Adapatation of Resident Evil

The new song ‘My Heart Has Teeth’ by deadmau5, which features the beautiful vocals of Skylar Grey, is also included on the soundtrack of the new series on Netflix that is inspired by the brutal video game Resident Evil, which involves zombies in an apocalyptic environment.

Dystopian suburbia is the kind of vibe I had in mind when making this song.  It’s been pretty cool because I like that weird, corporate overtone of this entity that owns the village if you would. I just imagine what that would be like while roughly composing the song with of course the vocal accouterment of Ms. Skylar Grey.  She’s an amazing talent to work with and she just nailed the lyrics.

Joel Zimmerman, deadmau5

“My Heart Has Teeth” does an excellent job at encapsulating the eerie atmosphere of the well-known horror franchise. deadmau5 is able to produce an ethereal, downtempo sound that is very distinct from the throbbing electro sound that has become the norm due to his use of the JUNO and Jupiter synthesizers. The seductive vocals and lyrics of Grey add an additional degree of enchantment to the already compelling music.

After working together in 2016 on the fan-favorite track “Beneath With Me” with Kaskade, deadmau5 and Grey have decided to work together again. However, this isn’t the first reunion to appear on the soundtrack; deadmau5 has previously collaborated with Grégory Reveret on his symphonic album titled Where’s The Drop?

You can give “My Heart Has Teeth” a listen above, and you can find links to the various streaming outlets that carry the Resident Evil soundtrack here.


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