12 Asian Female DJs Making Waves

Asian female DJs like Risa Taniguchi, Park Hye Jin, Nakadia, RayRay, Peggy Gou, Katsy Lee, Ocean Lam, TOKiMONSTA, Sonia Calico, Apsara, Patty Tiu, and Closet Yi are blazing new trails in the music industry and pushing back against traditional gender roles.

As the DJ scene continues to evolve and expand, an increasing number of incredibly talented female DJs of Asian origin are making waves in the industry and pushing back against traditional gender roles, which is undoubtedly a cause for celebration. Despite the prevalence of gender inequality and discrimination within the music industry, these fearless women are blazing new trails in their respective fields, proving that dedication and skill know no gender bounds. While the journey to success as a female DJ can be daunting and fraught with obstacles, it is important to remember that with perseverance, a commitment to honing one’s unique sound, and the courage to challenge the status quo, success can indeed be achieved. Therefore, let us raise a glass in honor of the remarkable achievements of these Asian female DJs, drawing inspiration and courage from their unapologetic boldness and unwavering determination to thrive in a male-dominated industry.

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Tokyo’s Underground Clubbing Scene: Risa Taniguchi Takes the Techno World by Storm

With iconic venues like Contact and Vent, Tokyo offers a one-of-a-kind clubbing experience that’s unparalleled in the world. The city has become a hub for underground music, attracting industry heavyweight DJs to perform at its vibrant clubs. Recently, Japan has begun to showcase its homegrown talent, with Risa Taniguchi being one of the names to watch out for. Taniguchi’s pounding acid-flavored techno has gained attention from big-name artists such as Amelie Lens and Pan-Pot. In fact, the latter was so impressed that they signed her to their Berlin-based Second State label, releasing her How We Dance Again EP in 2020. Discover the electrifying energy of Tokyo’s underground clubbing scene and join Risa Taniguchi on her journey to conquer the techno world. STREAM

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Park Hye Jin: South Korea’s Rising Star in Underground Music

Park Hye Jin is a South Korean artist who made waves in the global underground music community with the release of her debut EP, “IF U WANT IT,” in December 2018. Starting in 2015, Park Hye Jin began exploring her own unique sound by experimenting with rapping and singing. She continued her musical journey by learning to DJ in 2017, before venturing into production in 2018. Since then, she has performed on successful tours across Europe and North America, leaving a lasting impression on fans and critics alike. With her talent and potential, Park Hye Jin is undoubtedly set to become a shining star in the world of underground music. Discover her innovative sound and follow her journey towards greater success. STREAM

asian female djs

From Rural Thailand to Global Fame: The Inspiring Journey of Nakadia, Techno’s Leading Lady

Nakadia’s story is one of true resilience and determination. Hailing from a rural village in Thailand, she overcame adversity to become a world-renowned DJ and producer in the techno scene. Her work can be seen in top-tier venues across the globe, and she’s collaborated on numerous high-profile projects. Nakadia’s success is all the more remarkable given the challenges she faced in a country dominated by mainstream music, where she had no guidance as she pioneered the rise of the underground scene. Today, she continues to inspire a generation of up-and-coming artists with her talent and tenacity. Join us on Nakadia’s incredible journey from rags to riches and witness the rise of a true icon in the world of techno. STREAM

Top Female Asian DJs

DJ RayRay: Taiwan’s Pioneer of Bass Music

DJ RayRay is a trailblazer in Taiwan’s music scene, known for introducing bass music to local audiences. Her talents have earned her a residency at one of the country’s most popular nightclubs, where she’s become a fixture. RayRay’s work as a producer led to a contract with the renowned Barong Family label, where she’s been consistently releasing hit singles. Her love for music began at the age of 17 when she first discovered the art of sculpting beats. Since then, her passion for sound has led her to become one of the most influential DJs in Taiwan. Join us on the journey of DJ RayRay and discover the origins of her love for music that led her to become a true pioneer in the world of bass music. STREAM

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Peggy Gou: The Rising Star of Techno and Fashion

Peggy Gou has taken the international music scene by storm with her unique brand of techno music, earning her worldwide acclaim and a legion of fans. Her electrifying performances have made her a staple at music festivals and clubs around the world. Beyond her musical prowess, Peggy is also known for her impeccable sense of style, and has even launched her own fashion line which has gained recognition from industry heavyweights like Virgil Abloh. Join us on Peggy Gou’s journey to the top and discover the secrets to her success as both a techno icon and a fashion trendsetter. Experience the non-stop entertainment and energy that has made Peggy Gou a force to be reckoned with..STREAM

asian female djs

Katsy Lee: The Youngest Pioneer DJ Champion from the Philippines

Katsy Lee is a rising star in the music industry, having made a name for herself as the Philippines’ youngest Pioneer DJ Champion. Her talent and dedication have earned her recognition both at home and abroad, performing at prestigious venues and festivals worldwide. As an ambassador for several major international brands, Katsy is known for her passion for music and her belief that it can inspire the soul and open new worlds of imagination and possibility. She encourages her fans to never settle for anything less than extraordinary. Join us on Katsy Lee’s journey and discover what makes her one of the most respected and talented DJs of her generation. STREAM

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Ocean Lam: Saving Hong Kong’s Fragile Electronic Music Scene

Ocean Lam is a driving force in Hong Kong’s electronic music scene, having played a key role in preserving and promoting the city’s fragile music culture. Her passion for music and love for Hong Kong have made her a stalwart supporter of emerging artists and new sounds, helping to keep the scene alive and vibrant. Ocean Lam’s dedication to her craft is evident in her releases, including a 2016 EP on Berlin-based label Biotop that explores themes of love and friendship. Her Boiler Room performance at Shi Fu Miz in Asia is a testament to her talent and energy as a performer, entertaining audiences between Europe and Asia. Ocean Lam also stands up for her fellow DJs from Asia, often found on the dance floor supporting their sets. Join us and explore the unique sound and inspiring journey of Ocean Lam, Hong Kong’s electronic music savior. STREAM

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TOKiMONSTA: Defining the Sound of Modern Dance and Beat Music

TOKiMONSTA, the prominent Los Angeles-based producer and owner of Young Art label, has been a driving force in shaping the sound of contemporary dance and beat music for over a decade. Despite having to relearn music comprehension and speech following two brain surgeries, TOKi has garnered support from the industry’s top names and represented the West Coast underground at the Grammys – all while maintaining the purity of her vision. The secret behind her success lies in her compositional brilliance and futuristic melodies, which blend hip-hop instrumentalism, pop, R&B-soul, house, and IDM into technicolor mandalas of sound. TOKiMONSTA’s music is a testament to the power of perseverance and the beauty of artistic expression. STREAM

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Sonia Calico: Shaping Taipei’s Underground Electronic Music Scene with a Rule-Breaking Sound

Sonia Calico is a Taipei-based DJ/Producer who is pushing the boundaries of electronic music in Taiwan. Known for her unique blend of breakbeats, trap, grime, and traditional Taiwanese sounds, she has become a key figure in the city’s underground scene. With a growing international following, Sonia Calico is helping to shape the next generation of electronic music listeners. STREAM

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Apsara: The Indonesian DJ Who Defies Music Trends

Meet Apsara: The Indonesian-born DJ and producer who has carved her own path in the world of electronic music. From San Francisco to Jakarta, Apsara has never followed music trends, but instead showcases her unique sound, blending trance, techno, and progressive house. With her consistent production efforts, Apsara has released on labels such as Truesounds Music and Toolroom Records, gaining Mixmag’s attention as one to watch and helping launch the Mixmag Asia SELECTS series with her track ‘Biocat.’ Don’t miss out on the rising star who defies musical boundaries. STREAM

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From Desk Job to DJ: The Rise of Patty Tiu in the Philippines’ Nightlife Scene

Meet Patty Tiu, a Manila-based DJ and artist who has made her mark in the Philippine and Southeast Asian music scenes. She started out working a desk job for eight hours a day but always found solace in Manila’s nightlife. After landing a position as a public relations/marketing specialist for a DJ studio, she began shaping her persona through sheer determination and talent, leading to numerous groundbreaking performances and shows under three different artist names: Patty Tiu, Deuce, and Deus. STREAM

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Discover the Experimental Edge of DJ/Producer Closet Yi

Closet Yi, the talented DJ/Producer, is quickly making a name for herself in Seoul’s electronic music scene. Her unique style incorporates Korean old beats, city pops, and world music into her creative process, lending her an experimental edge that sets her apart from the rest. Closet Yi’s first official release was on Honey Badger Records, the label she now calls home, and she has played in some of Seoul’s most prestigious clubs. With confidence and panache, she injects these genres into her music, making her a rising star to watch in the electronic music world. STREAM

The achievements of these Asian female DJs are even more impressive given the challenges they have faced. They have had to overcome gender discrimination and stereotypes, and they have had to work hard to gain recognition in a male-dominated industry. These DJs are not just talented musicians, they are also role models for young women everywhere. They show that it is possible to achieve your dreams, no matter what obstacles you face. The success of these DJs is a sign of progress, but there is still more work to be done. We need to continue to challenge gender stereotypes and create a more level playing field for women in the music industry.


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