‘TikTok Music’ New Streaming App like Spotify with Social Components

TikTok has become a household brand in the realm of social media, but it looks that the company has plans to broaden its range of offerings in the near future to include music streaming. As of recently, the parent company of TikTok, ByteDance, has submitted an application for a trademark in the United States for a potential music streaming service that would compete with Apple Music and Spotify. This service would be called TikTok Music.

By including a social component into its platform, TikTok Music may be able to differentiate itself from other music streaming services. The application makes reference to the capability to ‘comment on music, songs, and albums,’ which is a function that does not currently exist on either Apple Music or Spotify.

If the app had another feature, it would probably make it much simpler to find the complete versions of catchy songs, particularly if you were searching for a cover version or a remix rather than the song’s original version. It is possible that users of TikTok will soon be able to access full tracks on TikTok Music with the click of a few buttons, as opposed to having to sift through track lists on competing platforms.

TikTok is already being used by a number of users to find new music, and it regularly becomes the platform of choice for viral trends. Songs that were first popularized on TikTok may be found on the top curated playlists available on both Apple Music and Spotify.

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