TikTok Launches ‘Soundon’ Distribution Service

TikTok allows musicians to upload tracks directly to the site and subsequently distribute them to other streaming services. Artists will not be charged any distribution or transaction fees by ByteDance, the company that owns the platform.

What exactly is SoundOn? SoundOn is a music distributing platform that allows registered users to post their tracks so that they can be used on TikTok and distributed to other streaming platforms such as Spotify.

As part of its first-year commitment, SoundOn offers to pay musicians 100 percent of royalties directly to them, followed by 90 percent in the second year for music that they distribute to other streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. Other music distribution organizations, on the other hand, do not pay artists their full royalties; instead, they charge a distribution or transaction fee to cover their costs.

However, as an additional incentive for users to post music to TikTok, when TikTok users use audios from musicians, the musicians retain 100 percent of the profits from those uses as well.

Users of SoundOn will have the option of uploading their music to one or more streaming services, depending on their preferences. Aside from that, they’ll have access to audience statistics as well as marketing assistance from SoundOn and TikTok promotion assistance.

On TikTok, they’ll also have their accounts confirmed, and other users will be able to access their profiles under the song pages for their music. According to SoundOn’s FAQ page, artists will maintain full ownership rights to their music and will not be obliged to exclusively use the platform to promote their work.

TikTok has already had a huge impact on the music industry as a result of the widespread distribution of viral videos on the app, which frequently use the same catchy compositions.

The SoundOn platform, which has the potential to expand TikTok’s effect on today’s music scene even further, is now available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Indonesia, and musicians in those countries can register on the company’s website.

As the website notes, “TikTok makers are the lifeblood of our platform, and they are the reason why sounds become hits.”

“When you release a track through our platform, our team will recruit a wide group of creators to create videos in conjunction with your music. In this way, you can expand your fan base and connect with new communities that these creators are a part of.”

Visit SoundOn’s website for additional information or to sign up.