From Corporate Slave to Asia’s Hottest Rapper

For a female rapper to have international success, you need a lot of self-confidence and a strong sense of identity. She describes her music as “loud, unapologetic and vulgar,” according to the Indonesian rapper. Putri Estiani, better known as Ramengvrl, is one of Indonesia’s top five hip hop musicians in a country where hip hop is not widely accepted because of the country’s traditional values. Ramengvrl discussed her story about quitting her office job to pursue a career in music in a genre and business that is dominated by men, as well as the musicians who encouraged her to embrace and place an emphasis on self-expression.

The most difficult part was when I had to make myself wait another 3 months to quit so I could stash some money if this music thing didn’t work – as a safety blanket. It was a long 3 months, all I could think about was [the impulse to] get the fuck out, make more music and be the me that I always wanted but couldn’t because I was stuck in an environment where individuality wasn’t really celebrated.


Kanye opened her eyes to the fact that hip hop can talk about absolutely anything, and his exploration of a wide variety of melodies and effects was invigorating for her, as she had grown up listening to pop music. Nicki Minaj also helped her understand the significance of becoming a household name in an industry dominated by men, which pushed her to succeed in the industry.

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