We Know Karate – Philippines’ First Music NFT Band

The first single from the NFT band ‘We Know Karate‘ is going to be released on the Web3 platform. You are given ownership rights to the song “I and I”, and you are invited to be a part of the band’s journey. Two members of We Know Karate (Lean and Chi) hail from Chelsey Alley, as does Reg Rubio of Greyhoundz.

The collaborative effort culminated when Reg contacted Chi Evora and Lean Ansing about a potentially game-changing idea, the concept of being able to forge stronger bonds with their devoted fan base by way of the establishment of a community. The very first band from the Philippines to put out a song using the NFT format. By harnessing the power of technology and communication to reach their various fan bases, the Philippine music industry has taken a significant stride forward together with We Know Karate.

When I called Chi up, naglatag lang ako sa kanya ng direction, ng posibleng areglo at konsepto pero binigyan ko sila ng freedom sa pagsulat ng music kasi ‘yun ‘yung strength nila.  

I think it’s the way to go. It’s a chance for artists to be able to reach out. It’s a chance for artists to be able to get paid well and create a community who can own the song as well.

Reg Rubio

NFTs have the potential to have a significant impact on streaming platforms, which currently do not pay artists an adequate amount. It’s possible that we’ll soon enter an era in which musicians will be able to transact business directly with music shops and sell their own self-produced digital releases, just like they did in the past with self-produced CDs. Artists are able to demonstrate their gratitude for the support of their fans by providing them with unique access to digital materials.

Track: I and I
This song is about overcoming obstacles like as self-doubt, breaking away from the pattern of losing, and coming to terms with the reality that the only person you have to compete against is yourself.

We will be releasing 1000 NFTs for our music and you can own it too. You will have proof that you also own the song tulad namin, co-owners tayo. Sa ibang bansa ang Slipknot, Snoop Dogg, at Kings of Leon nag-start na sila sa ganitong venture. Ang mga iniisip naming perks is a bunch of merch from the brands na under kami, like Macbeth, Tribal, Medisina. Tambay tayo sa iba’t-ibang lugar sa kada drop namin mamimili kami ng winners to go with us. Magdadagdag kami ng perk kada drop namin ng iilang units. 

Reg Rubio


  1. Create an account with Binance and get the cryptocurrency MATIC under Polygon. 
  2. Create your hot wallet and transfer your funds in METAMASK. 
  3. Follow WKK’s Discord channel and wait for their whitelist and pre-save link. 
  4. Mint your NFT song by connecting your METAMASK wallet on WKK’s official website
  5. Own and listen to I and I to be viewed at OpenSea. 
  6. Verify your NFT purchase by visiting their Discord channel. 

WKK is an innovative music NFT platform with a primary emphasis on utility. It is the first of its type. Fans get the opportunity to own a portion of their favorite artists’ recorded music and to use and enjoy additional benefits, such as special merch, concert and gig passes, and unrivaled experiences. Obtaining the WKK’s “I and I” NFT track grants you ownership rights equivalent to 0.02 percent of the song each token.

  • 3 lucky winners will get a VIP prize package.
  • 5 lucky winners will get to enjoy an afternoon of tambay in 8 Suites Tagaytay with We Know Karate (consisting of Reg Rubio, Chi Evora, and Lean Ansing).



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