Must Hear! New Tracks from Jamir Garcia + Se7en Garcia’s Band, Caliber Project

Due to the fact that it was Jamir Garcia‘s birthday on September 5th, this particular day will be the one that is most vividly recalled by his most devoted fans. On this, his special day, his devoted followers showered him with tributes on the internet using the keywords “Peace, Love & Music” and “Heneral,” as well as images of him, collections of posters, cassettes, and CDs, and the like.

That day, we were given a new song from Jamir Garcia’s collection titled “Di Maipaliwanag.” It was published by Rico Blanco’s Balcony Entertainment, and it was a treat for all of us. In addition, his son Se7en Garcia debuted a new song titled “4 Hours” dedicated to his father with his new band Caliber Project. The life and legacy of the late famous Jamir Garcia were honored with an abundance of poignant tributes throughout the day. And a bright future is ahead for Se7en and his band, which has a sound that has great potential to go global.

Nevertheless, the two new tracks—which have only recently been made available—came as quite a surprise. In addition to that, we simply cannot get enough of it. We are fortunate that Se7en Garcia is a friend of ours because this allowed us the opportunity to interview him about his band and the music.

Caliber Project – 4 Hours Ft. Dylon Opalinsky

What exactly is the Caliber Project, and are you able to tell us more about it, including the vision and what we may look forward to?

Caliber Project is a brand new rock/metal band that my long time friends and I started because of our inspiration and motivation to become something other than just “your average cover band”. This song is part of our upcoming album titled “Nova Principia”. This whole band started because of the song “4 hours” as we were jamming and came up with that song and wanted to pursue it.

The first track to be released by the band is titled “4 Hours.” What is the inspiration for the song’s title?

It was titled “4 hours” because it took us 4 hours to finish the entire track and through that realization, we noticed that really big things can happen in such a small amount of time such as this track and the creation of our band Caliber Project.

Can you tell us what the train of thought was behind featuring Dylon Opalinsky and Sojina Jaya in the track?

Dylon was a good friend of my dad so I wanted to have his heavy screams in the angry section of the song as well as have my mom Sojina Jaya in it as well as she’s a really talented singer and a well beloved mother. This song isn’t just for my father but it’s for everyone dealing with a tough time in their lives as things can change in a small amount of time.

Jamir Garcia – Di Maipaliwanag


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