Biologist Made the First 4 Tracks “Living Record” with Microorganisms

Biologist Mikael Hwang, better known by his stage name Psients, is an electronic artist who recently released a record that is filled with living yeast cells. The “Signal” extended play can be streamed on all of the major platforms.

The methods that are utilized by biologists for the purpose of cultivating microorganisms in petri dishes served as Hwang’s primary source of inspiration when he set out to compose his electronic music piece titled “Signal.”

An obelisk with a custom-made hybridized petri dish and record equipment was positioned at the display’s focal point, which was the middle of the obelisk. Hidden inside was a substance that made it much simpler to record the vibrations of the yeast cells and successfully transfer them as a form of audio that could be played back.


According to Hwang, there are many different motivations for doing this research. It broadens the range of materials that can be used by artists and the types of materials that can be used, providing artists greater opportunities to interact with life and living systems.

In addition, he asserts that it can function as a type of commentary about humans’ capitalization, exploitation, and consumption of living species, and that it can also give freedom and a voice on yeast, which was one of the first organisms that people domesticated.

Listen to the track below:


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