Cookie$ — On Diverse Cultural Influences

Cookie$, a Filipino rapper who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, is considered to be a trailblazer of the hype trap bisaya movement. This progression quickly spread throughout the Philippines. Since the release of his breakout single “BOGO,” which has received over 6.5 million views on YouTube, as well as continuing on through his most recent song, “D NAKO,” which reveals the vulnerable side of Cookie$. His diehard supporters can’t just get enough of cookies (no pun intended) but continue to tag him in comments relating to new music whenever he posts on his Facebook page. We can’t even stop listening to ‘SNATCHER RAP‘ here at the HQ since the chorus and the melodies are so incredibly catchy.

Hold up ni bai
Ayg lihok bisag gamay

– Cookie$ ‘Snatcher”

It is safe to say that hip hop music is alive and well in the Philippines even down south. For Cookie$ to spearhead the bisaya rap is something exceptional. His tracks in particular captivate the attention of alot of ‘bisdak’, which has catapulted him into prominence in the local music industry. As an artist, Cookie$ has had an impression on other bisaya artists, empowering them and showing them that they, too, can accomplish what they set out to do.

From being a band drummer to listening to Christian and Heavy metal tunes to living in the United States, he has been exposed to a wide range of cultural influences, which is undeniably audible in his music. Besides putting on an incredible spectacle in each and every city that he stops in on tour, from writing to recording to any sort of business matter, Cookie$ is a rational and intellectual artist who gets work done in a professional manner at each level of his career as a rapper.

Cookie$ was already in the middle of a tour when we finally got through to him, so our message came too late. On the other hand, we can’t believe our good fortune that he agreed to be interviewed by us. Even during the course of our conversation on messenger, it was clear that he has a sense of humor, is simple to approach, and is grounded in reality. There is no doubt about it.

Cookie$, we learned that you spent much time in Atlanta. Did your experience traveling back-and-forth shape who you are now as an esteemed artist in the Philippines? Who were your influences in becoming the artist you are today? 
Absolutely! I get to enjoy the best of both worlds!  
My influences vary from different walks of life. But the one who influenced me the most and helping me becoming the artist I am today is Monkey D. Luffy. Who will become the King of The Pirates.

It’s been brought to our attention that you represent Cebu’s hip-hop culture with great pride, specifically the Visayan region in general. What is it about Cookie$ that moves people as an artist? 

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. Like the Police, Every move you make, every step you take, they’ll be watching us so that’s why I feel responsible to always do the right thing because the next generation is also watching us.  

Let’s talk about songwriting. Is there a specific state of mind or time of day you desired to write a song? Cliché it may sound, but what’s your creative process like? 
First thing I do is Pray. Then I read my Bible. Then I write my Journal. Then I Work out at Anytime fitness. Then I go to Yna’s FoodHouse and order minudo, 1 rice, and 1 bottled water. Then I go home and take a shower.


Where would you be in your life right now if it weren’t for music? 

If it weren’t for Music, I would have been a Nurse. Because my mom wanted me to become a Nurse and I told her No and at first she’s super mad but now she understands. I love you Mom!

How did you come to recognize that music was the path you intended to fulfill? 

My life with Music feels like driving around in your 1995 Honda Civic with no handbreak. So smooth. No Resistance. It felt Free. But also Very Dangerous. Drive Safe!

Is there a certain song that has you blasting the sound with the windows down while driving? 

Yes. A Moment Like This By Kelly Clarkson.

Do you have any other hobbies or passions other from music that you’d want to share with your avid fans? If so, please tell us about it. 

Yes. I love to take Polaroid Pictures. I even have an instagram account called @shotsbyjoboy. Go follow and check it out!

How do you envision your sound evolving over the next few years?  

I prefer to stay in the moment and be aware of what makes our community happy for the long term. So my envision is still coming soon. Abangan.

As per Cookie$, he would want to express his gratitude to all of his teammates, his fans, and the brands with which he has collaborated on various projects; Escape Artist, Nick Automatic, Deadways, Half Local, Jointsncookies, Briar, 2k.Boomer, The Bakeshop Studios, Underground Apparel, The No Good Crew, Spacool, and Threads and Needles.

Watch the ‘D NAKO’ MV


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