Musical Prodigy Se7en Garcia — Already Leaving His Imprint

He is a young man with a wide range of skills, but one of his special strengths is playing instruments, and he is just commencing his career in the field of visual editing and voice acting.

We were able to have some opportunities to connect with Seven Garcia, better known by his stage name Se7en Garcia, who is the son of the iconic rock vocalist Jamir Garcia. He is a multitalented young man who is particularly skilled at playing instruments and is just starting out in the field of visual editing. We believe that the world should take heed of this youngster since, despite his youth, he is already capable of composing and producing his own original music. Additionally capable of developing visual animation and advancing as a voice actor on the side. So we’ve included Se7en on our weekly UNDERSCORE for a few topics that you may find intriguing.

Your life revolves around music, anime, video games, and graphic design. Can you consolidate all of these into a single output? Is it enough to transform you into the artist you aspire to be?

To answer the question, yes it very well does! Video games, anime, music, etc. All of these go hand in hand with each other which is why I decided to pursue the most significant forms of media like music, visuals, and so on to give myself a lot of opportunities in the future and not to mention, I don’t need to spend a single dime on music videos and mixing if I do them all myself.


We listened to your music on YouTube and demos; part of it has vocals, while others are vocaloids; do you want to establish a band in the future?

I was in a couple of school bands back in the day when I was eager to play with others but looking at my lifestyle, I would probably be staying solo in the future because of my workflow and ideas but if ever any of the bands I am in ever flourish and become successful, I wouldn’t say no to that. So my short answer is: depends on the future but for now, solo is my way.

Your father was an all-around talented musician; did he have any influence on your musical creativity today?

Oh boy, big time. He inspired me to actually keep doing what I love music. It didn’t matter what I wanted, he would give it to me so long as I was passionate about it. I was fiddling with drums in Garageband on my phone one night and got really interested in music. When I told my dad, his look was different compared to the other passions I showed him. He was beyond happy and gave me everything as well as taught me a bunch of things I need to be good at music. His work influenced me ever since I was 4 so if you listen to some of my tracks, they tend to have some nuances similar to my dad’s despite my style of metal music being more on the “odd” spectrum.

How are you able to juggle your responsibilities as a student with the need to generate new ideas for music and videos? When it comes to writing a song, what is your creative process?

It’s been an incredibly tough challenge especially since I started working side jobs at a young age so balancing music, school, and work was very taxing for me but my passion couldn’t be stopped and any time I had free time, I ended up working on it. Sometimes even losing sleep to work on things I wanted to work on since I didn’t have time in the morning. For my creative process, I’ll be honest, I don’t have one. I just sit down, watch some Netflix/Youtube and fiddle with my guitar until I find a good riff/chord progression and build it off of there. I don’t have an exact time or date when I write music. I just unknowingly do it. However, when I’m paid to write music, I typically search for references of styles/vibes I’d like to capture and build off of that usually with a riff that either circulates around it or builds upon it depending on the genre, mood, bpm, etc.

What was your first instrument, and who taught it to you? What other instruments do you enjoy playing?

I would answer harmonica but the first instrument I actually felt passionate about learning is drums. It’s something I was very interested in since it involved smashing a bunch of crap but musically. The drummer of Slapshock, Chi Evora, taught me one simple thing which is the basic rock beat and after that, I learned by myself onwards. My dad gave me the ingredients which are inspiration and my drums, Chi gave me the recipe which is the basics, and I prepared my own meal by learning by myself. A funny story as to why I play guitar is because I was in a school band that was supposed to write a song but the guitarist doesn’t know how to write a song nor have a guitar so I learned that way by doing it myself. I never watched Youtube lessons for guitar, I just emulated what my favourite bands did like playing their songs and so on. As for other instruments, anything that’s shaped like a guitar and has strings, I can play which doesn’t include the piano.

Tell us about your all-time favorite song, anime, and video game. (Feel free to add more; sports, food etc)

For my all-time favourite song, it’s tough but it has to go to Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold. Ever since I was a little baby, that was the song that I listened to on repeat for over a billion times. They’re one of my inspirations and that song always gives me the chills whenever I listen to it. For anime, I have no clue if you can consider this an anime but I’ve always been a fan of RWBY. That anime is what pushed me towards making music and pursuing drawing. It was clunky in the first seasons but it had a lot of passion, not to mention the music is face-blasting and just straight up awesome! My favourite video game is a difficult question because my opinion changes so much every few months but I’d have to say Guilty Gear. It just has that blazing fast action mixed with beautiful graphics as well as killer music. Loved it ever since I was a kid. I was also into skateboarding in my younger days and was a HUGE fan of Tony Hawk to the point where I bought his board and 80+ fingerboards with Tony Hawk decals on them. My favourite food is a common thing my dad and I share, it’s Sinigang na Baboy and Buffalo Wings.

Both of your parents are exceptional individuals who excel in their own fields and are well-known. We’d like to know what traits you inherited from your parents.

I Inherited my artistic style from my mother who used to be very into anime back when she was my age. I am currently learning how to cook with her guidance because somehow mothers always know how to cook the best and most memorable meals you’ll ever taste. I learned everything music related from my father. He is very open throughout my different music phases growing up like when I liked nursery rhymes, to trendy pop songs, to j-pop, and to heavy metal. Well technically now I like all of it. Yes, even nursery rhymes at times. I was never really smart in school. I never excelled but didn’t fail either. Just passed through most of my classes but I did excel in the more artistic activities in school like arts, animation, films, and songwriting and even got a perfect score twice in my report card in the music/arts subjects.

Does it make you uncomfortable when people ask about your father? What is the one thing that you know he’d be most proud of if you were to present it to him today? 

Not at all unless the topic becomes too specific and talks more about his passing rather than his works and himself as a person. If people ask me how I am and anything else about my father that isn’t related to his passing, I’m open about it and I’d be glad to hold that conversation. However, if the conversation ever comes to sensitive topics like how he passed and so on, I personally find it disrespectful to him. An example of this is when started spreading the image of his passing around online as well as making clickbaity Youtube videos that are made not as a tribute or important news but just as lame attempts to get views. If he was around today, he would be proud of what I have achieved as a young kid, being on anime, voice acting in a big game, making music and improving as years go on. I’m passionate about my work and my dad would simply be proud of me no matter what I did as long as I was happy.

Is there someone in particular to whom you’d like to express your appreciation or give a shout out?

I’d like to shout out to my family and friends since they’ve been nothing but supportive towards me and my endeavors and have always been passionate about me to where they give me things to aid in my work and a ton of support. I’d also like to mention the big personal projects I’m working on which is Combat Ready Studios and Crysalis Productions. Combat Ready Studios is an animation studio a friend of mine owns and I love helping out in their projects with music, art, and anything I can help with. Crysalis Productions is my own project studio where I am currently working on my biggest passion project which is my animated series “DayNight”. It is currently undergoing the animation process as Season 1’s writing after a year is finally done and I have hired voice actors to fill out their lines and now it’s what’s keeping me busy during the summer so I have something to work on rather than playing games and sleeping.



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