Top 3 DJs in the Philippines This Month

It has been quite the experience for us to observe the nightlife industry in the Philippines throughout the month of August of 2022. We are not here to pass judgment on who is the best, but each month we will share what we have found while witnessing the scene. It is safe to state that nightlife has been flowing full time despite the pandemic as a result of the fact that there are a number of established and new DJs grinding throughout the country. This list does not in any way indicate the musical style that they play or the organizations to which they belong. This is simply our collective impression, nevertheless.

In no particular order, the following are our selections for the top three DJs from the Philippines who deserve to be featured, with consideration given to their work ethic, attitude, skills, and identity.

Razikyle Enciso

Razikyle Enciso at URBN QC

The crowd, especially the ladies, have shown a particular fondness for the young and enthusiastic DJ from MIDAS Nightlife. The young man has a good grasp on reality and pays close attention to the advice of his mentors. We do not know how this youngster is able to catch his breath after performing at two different venues in the same night, The C.A.B in the south and URBN QC in the north. The fact that he has a packed gig schedule and is quite active on Tiktok, where he has roughly a half million followers, ensured that he would be included on our list. We are aware that he continues to put in effort even on cloudy days, so be sure to catch him at his upcoming performances. When you see him, make sure not to forget to grab an autograph or even just a selfie with him.

DJ Young

DJ Young, a DJ and music producer for Warner Music Philippines, has been demonstrating a positive outlook for the future of electronic dance music in the Philippines. Consistently reaching on many music charts. The latest single released by DJ Young is titled “Come For Me,” and it features Dumaguete singer-songwriter Sam Akins. This track has been played across a variety of media, ranging from radio to resounding clubs. In spite of the fact that he lives in Iloilo, which is far away from Metro Manila, he is creating waves all across the country. We simply cannot wait for his upcoming tunes, therefore it would be in your best interest to keep up with him across all of his social media platforms.

Nix Damn P!

Nix Damn P / Motherbasss at Gravity Art Space

We decided to include Nix on our list of the top DJs because he seems to be appearing everywhere. We are not sure how many times we have witnessed him perform; for instance, he was just at URBN QC for the Triple Threat event, and then he flew to Cagayan de Oro the following morning for Higalaay Weekend. Nix also engaged in the celebrations thrown with Macky Brillantes to mark the occasion of Motherbasss’ 10th anniversary in the industry. Nix’s turntablism and sense of style are unmatched; he unquestionably possesses the talents, the sense of fashion, and the superb musical taste required.

We are not here to pass judgment, but we are definitely here to shine a light on all of the talents that exist throughout the Philippines, and having this list is a pleasure for us because it allows us to exhibit all of these capabilities. Make it a point to check back with us at the end of each month for our new issue featuring the top three DJs in the Philippines. If you have any suggestions regarding who the best DJs are in your opinion, please do share them with us on our Facebook page. Tell us all about it, we’re very interested!


Hey, I'm a music producer, DJ, and event curator for BASS N' BACON, and run a record label. I can speak English, Tagalog, and Bisaya, and I enjoy writing about music and culture. Whether it's through my music or writing, I bring a unique perspective and lots of experience to every project I do. Thanks for checking out my work!

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