Kumu X Sunugan at URBN QC with DJ Buddah, EZ Mil, Loonie and Ron Henley

Local live streaming app Kumu has officially launched a series of events with the guys at Sunugan in partnership with URBN QC and Chivas Regal. These events are intended to be the result of years and celebration of kumu and Sunugan’s fiery collaboration, and the launch comes as the pandemic shows signs of slowing down.

James Rumohr, who helped develop kumu and serves as its Chief of Staff, remarked that the Sunugan team had accomplished a remarkable job by pulling off such an event. Kumu users have the chance to witness some of the finest hip-hop acts in the Philippines unified in one spot.

…this is just the start of their mission of spreading hip-hop fever. He’s hopeful that once restrictions are eased, there are more opportunities to put together kumu events at offline venues both in Manila and various regions in the Philippines, “Cheers to more Sunugan events in 2022 and beyond!”

Kumu / James Rumohr

On July 18, at URBN QC, DJ Buddah initiated the launch with his distinctive OPM Mondays experience. Ez Mil spearheaded the second leg of the series last July 22 at URBN alongside MIAOW, Gavin Skewes, AiS Nicaution, DJ Lime, and MC Jams.

Loonie and Ron Henley, two of some of the most prominent rappers in the Philippines, will be the headlining performers for the event that will take place on Thursday, July 28. This will be the third leg of the series for the event. DJs such as DJ Buddah, Deejay Philly, Adrian Legarda, Gavin Skewes, and MC Benj Miranda, as well as guest rap group such as Sawmill Boys, will be performing during the event.



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