It didn’t take long for livestreaming to become the new norm, and as real-world concerts began to resurface, it became increasingly clear that virtual music performances are here to stay.

WAVEZOO, a company that provides a platform for sourcing curated, interactive live DJ sets, aspires to keep the momentum of the streaming landscape alive and to assist artists in navigating the complexities of virtual performances by providing them with a platform to source curated, interactive live DJ sets. With its user-friendly platform, WAVEZOO, which originated in Jamaica, aims to democratize the often-difficult process of discovering and booking international DJs, which can be time-consuming and difficult.

Users can access an extensive roster of DJs and professional musicians through the WAVEZOO platform, which is hosted on a secure server. With the help of the company’s cutting-edge audiovisual technology, these artists can then be booked to perform virtually at any given event.

The benefits of becoming a DJ on WAVEZOO are numerous. DJs and musicians can increase their visibility and get hired for private streams all over the world, and they can share the sessions with their fans to grow their fanbases even more. The platform can also be used as a professional booking conduit, taking care of the time-consuming aspects of the process such as payment processing.

WAVEZOO offers many benefits to DJs, the most significant of which may be the ability to save money on expenses that aren’t necessary when performing live, such as travel expenses. It’s also convenient not to have to lug around heavy cases containing turntables, amplifiers, and other instruments.

In addition, those who are concerned about the live connection need only look no further than the platform’s live chat feature, which allows performing DJs to see their audience and reactions in real time through two-way video streaming. Novice DJs and seasoned selectors alike understand how important it is to play to the crowd and adapt as they perform, and WAVEZOO’s technology makes this possible even when performing remotely.

WAVEZOO already has an eclectic roster of emerging and star-quality international DJs who are spinning hits from every genre around the clock on their platform. Those DJs are taking advantage of a limited-time FREE sign-up offer, registering during our BETA launch to be among the first listed DJs, which users can navigate by language, music genre, rating, and other criteria before selecting their favorite DJ to request a private party from him or her.

WAVEZOO is now accepting applications from artists.

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