The ROLI Songmaker Kit contains everything you need to create tracks at any time and from any location. It is ROLI who is responsible for such inventions as the Lightpad, an illuminated pad used for creating beats. Alternatively, the Loop Block can be used to record digital creations. ROLI is back with a kit that allows you to take a full band with you wherever you go.

There are a plethora of techniques for producing sounds on musical instruments. In the same way, there are numerous ways to interact with a physical interface when creating digital music tracks. ROLI’s touch-responsive surfaces are capable of delivering what the company refers to as ‘5D Touch.’ The Seaboard Block can be played like a piano by striking it with the tips of the fingers of the user. Change the pressure in order to produce swells and changes in volume. Apart from that, you can experiment with even more effects by gliding, sliding, and lifting. Lightpad M allows you to create beats and control effects. Then, using the Loop Block, record everything that happened. With this tactile instrument, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

In order to create the best tracks, you’ll need good software in addition to a fantastic instrument. When you purchase the ROLI Songmaker Kit, you get hundreds of sounds as well as a suite of music-making software. Among these is ROLI’s own Equator, which was the world’s first software synthesizer to be built specifically for MIDI Polyphonic Expression.

Are you on the go or just getting started? Even in this case, ROLI has you covered. With their free NOISE app, they have taken music to the masses. You can use the app to sketch out music ideas on your mobile devices from anywhere at any time. You can either use your hand or connect it to the Songmaker Kit to create a song. The kit is packaged in a protective Snapcase that keeps the pieces of the kit together while also protecting the blocks. As a result, you will be able to discover the full potential of the Songmaker Kit from wherever you are.

The ROLI Songmaker Kit is now available for purchase on

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