The Asian Hall of Fame, established in 2004, is the premier global organization dedicated to Asian excellence, cultural unity, and inter-racial equity. Its mission is to shine a light on some of the world’s biggest and best Asian talents while also correcting the undervaluation of Asian talent throughout the world and advocating for the world’s 4 billion Asians. They recently announced their class of 2021 inductees, among whom is a well-known name in the electronic community. That would be, of course, Steve Aoki.

It should come as no surprise that he was inducted into the Hall of Fame as one of the first Asian DJs and producers to achieve global recognition and fame. His contributions to the music industry and beyond are undeniable, and he has also made significant contributions to the world through charitable causes such as his own foundation, The Aoki Foundation. The first inductee of this year’s class, he will be joined by other Asian icons such as bass guitarist Phil Chen, actor Ken Jeong, and world-renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Linda Liau, who will be among the ten total inductees for this year’s induction class. Bruce Lee, James Kong, and Connie Chung are among those who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

It will be held virtually on November 13 at 6 p.m. Pacific Time, with receptions in Seattle and Newport Beach taking place on November 8 and 10, respectively, before the formal induction ceremony.

In other news, Steve Aoki recently released his collaboration with Armin van Buuren, titled ‘Music Means Love Forever,’ which was produced by Armin himself. You can listen to it by clicking here.

You can find out more about the Asian Hall of Fame by visiting their website here.

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